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The Graduate Handbook clarifies minimum university-level requirements and policies that apply to all graduate students throughout the University of Cincinnati. Beyond these, each student is also expected to adhere to requirements, policies, and procedures specific to his or her own degree program and college.

The 2015-16 Graduate Handbook includes the content formerly published in the Graduate School Procedure Manual: For Graduate Program Coordinators and Graduate Program Directors.

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* 2015-16 Graduate Student Handbook (1.1 MB)
Policies for all graduate students and programs.
Faculty and students

Recent Updates

September 30, 2015: Correction made to Multiple Appointments/Employment section; UC policy is that "Graduate assistantship awardees are limited to 24 total hours of combined service and student hourly work while school is in session."

September 8, 2015: The Graduate School published the 2015-16 Graduate School Handbook. This version supersedes all previous versions.