Upcoming Dissertation Defenses

UC doctoral students participate in a public defense of their dissertations. Students announce their dissertation by entering information through the Graduation Checklist application.

Defense Announcements

Mohammadreza Radmanesh, CEAS

'' A Unified Framework for Multi- UAV Cooperative Control based on Partial Differential Equations''

Leah Dean, A&S

''Overcoming Health Care Polarization with Interaction: Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Public Opinion in Kentucky''

Semin Goins, CECH

'' Social Determinants of Health-Related Quality of Life Among African-American and Hispanic Adults ''

Lori Foote, CECH

''Planning for Success: A Mixed Methods Comparative Case Study Investigating Elementary Mathematics Supports across School-Dependency Profiles''

Worrawit Nakpan, COM

'' Inactivation of viable stress-resistant microorganisms using novel treatments''