Upcoming Dissertation Defenses

UC doctoral students participate in a public defense of their dissertations. Students announce their dissertation by entering information through the Graduation Checklist application.

Defense Announcements

Ralph Chbeir, CEAS

''Correlating Melt Dynamics with Topological phases of Homogeneous Chalcogenide- and Modified Oxide- glasses using Raman scattering, Infra Red Spectroscopy, Modulated-Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Volumetric experiments''

Elif Emir Oksuz, CECH

'' Training and Contact: Do They Have an Impact on Disability Competence?''

Radhika Prabhakar, CEAS

''Scalable Carbon Nanotube Networks Embedded in Elastomers and their use in Transverse Thermoelectric Power Generation''