Upcoming Dissertation Defenses

UC doctoral students participate in a public defense of their dissertations. Students announce their dissertation by entering information through the Graduation Checklist application.

Defense Announcements

Surbhi Bhatnagar, CEAS

'' A framework for predicting the pathogenicity of genetic variants in specified disease-context''

Holly Meyer, NURS

'' Breastfeeding Beyond Six Months: Investigating Sustained Breastfeeding''

Ayat Almomani, A&S

'' Automatic variance adjusted Bayesian inference with pseudo likelihood under unequal probability sampling: imputation and data synthetic''

Santosh Konangi, CEAS

''Direct Simulation of Two-Phase Flows in Porous Media using Volume-Of-Fluid (VOF) Method to Investigate Capillary Pressure-Saturation (Pc-Sw) Relation under Dynamic Flow Conditions''

Priti Thakur, A&S

'' Understanding the cleavage characteristics of ribonucleases cusativin and MC1 used in RNA modification mapping''