Where Is My Diploma?

Diplomas will only be provided for students who have completed the graduation application and have been certified by both their program and the Graduate School. A student's participation in the Doctoral Hooding and Master's Recognition Ceremony does not guarantee that s/he will receive a diploma.

If you need to prove to a current or prospective employer that you have graduated, provide a UC degree verification document. Enrollment and degree verifications are now available for students to print from Catalyst. Please visit the Registrar's website for more information.

Paper Diplomas

As of Fall Semester 2019, students who graduate from UC will be provided with a free certified electronic diploma (CeDiploma). Students who want a ceremonial (paper) diploma must order the paper diploma from the registrar's office for a nominal fee to cover printing and mailing costs.

Electronic Diplomas

New graduates will be able to download the certified electronic diploma (CeDiploma) about 8–10 weeks after the graduation ceremony. Students will receive an email with download instructions once their CeDiploma is available. 

Whether your job search is local or global, digital diplomas are easy to use by employers and licensing agencies seeking to verify credentials. It's also easy to provide to other institutions if you will be pursuing further education. The digital CeDiploma is an official UC document certifying your awarded degree. The CeDiploma is portable, shareable, securely encrypted, and can never be lost or damaged.   

There is no additional cost for new graduates to receive a CeDiploma, as UC has done away with the former fee once charged for digital diplomas.

If you have any questions, please visit the Office of the Registrar's CeDiploma web page or email with your name and student ID.