Where is my Diploma?

Diplomas will only be printed for students who have completed the graduation application and have been certified by both their program and the Graduate School. A student's participation in the Doctoral Hooding and Master's Recognition commencement ceremony does not guarantee that s/he will receive a diploma. 

Diplomas are not handed out at graduation. Your diploma will be mailed to you approximately six weeks after graduation. UC does not advise you to submit the diploma to current or prospective employers. Instead, you should provide them with an official transcript or degree verification document.

If you need to prove to a current or prospective employer that you have graduated, provide a UC degree verification document. To submit an enrollment/degree verification request, please click the following link to access the Office of the Registrar's online form: Enrollment/Degree Verification Form. Please note that the Office of the Registrar requires three (3) business days to process requests.