Credits Required to Earn a Graduate Degree

Graduate degrees at UC each have a stated number of credit hours that must be completed satisfactorily to earn the degree. As described below, there are multiple opportunities where coursework taken prior to matriculation into a degree program may count towards that credit hour total. In all cases, to earn a degree at UC, at least 67% of the relevant coursework credit must be earned while a matriculated student at the University of Cincinnati.

Students entering in Fall 2019 or later should make application to their program for such (advanced standing or transfer) credit during their first semester at UC to assure their course of study is optimized. For all students matriculating in Fall 2019 and later, such credit will only be granted if a complete and program-approved application for such credit is submitted to the Graduate College by the end of their first year in the program, or prior to their final semester of study, whichever comes first. 

This new policy (introduced in AY19-20) is in effect for all students matriculated in Fall 2019 and later. In prior policies, master’s degrees were granted when 50% of graduate credits were completed while matriculated in the graduate program granting the degree, therefore allowing up to 50% of credits to be via advanced standing.