Tuition & Fees

Please note that some non-Ohio residents may qualify for reciprocity or metropolitan tuition rates based on their program, county of residence and application approval. In addition, some colleges and some programs have individual fees that are assessed only to their students. Futhermore, international students are charged the International Student Fee in fall and spring semesters.

Tuition and fee rates differ for certain distance learning programs. Visit the Fees by College (2018–2019) page on the Bursar's website to find the tuition and fees for a specific distance learning program.

2018–2019 Tuition and Fees

The table below provides a general cost per term using the standard required fees. Your program of interest may charge an additional program fee or may use a different fee structure. Be sure to visit the Bursar's Fees by College (2018-2019) page to see the actual cost for your future program.

General tuition and fee rates for the 2018–19 academic year
  Ohio Students,
Part-Time per Hour
Ohio Students,
Full-Time per Term
Out-of-State Students,
Part-Time per Hour
Out-of-State Students, 
Full-Time per Term
724 7,234
1,311 13,105
PharmD 1,016
1,662 16,623
College of Law
1,209 14,505
College of Medicine (M.D.) 1,301 15,591

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For a more detailed description of fees, visit the Student Bill Line Item Description page.

Note: Because UC is supported by the state of Ohio, a student’s residency classification influences the fee assessment. More information on residency can be found through the Office of the Registrar.