Admission to Graduate Programs

Admissions Policy

The University of Cincinnati welcomes graduate applications from students who:

  • hold a baccalaureate degree from a college or university regarded as standard by a regional or general accrediting agency, and
  • have at least a B average (3.0/4.0 system) in relevant undergraduate course work or otherwise give evidence of promise that is judged satisfactory by the admitting program and the Graduate School. Programs that wish to admit applicants who lack this 3.0 minimum GPA requirement must provide supporting evidence and rationale of how such students will be able to complete a graduate program that requires achievement of a 3.0 GPA, and indicate any special help offered by the program to ensure the applicant’s success given the GPA deficiency.*

Decisions concerning admission to graduate programs rest with the programs, and criteria used for determining admission beyond these minimal requirements are established by the programs. Programs have the authority to set their application deadlines, to require certain pre-admission examinations, to require satisfactory completion of certain course work prior to admission, and to establish other pre-admission requirements. Program admission decisions are final unless it is demonstrated that the program violated a policy established by the university or the Graduate School or that the program failed to apply admissions criteria consistently. All programs have established written criteria for judging the admissibility of applicants, which are published in each program’s graduate handbook.

*See Graduate School Handbook Addendum, 2017-18. To view this document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

Faculty and Administrators' Eligibility for Graduate Degrees

No holder of an academic administrative title at the University of Cincinnati (equivalent to assistant dean or above) may matriculate or be granted a graduate certificate or degree from the University of Cincinnati.

No graduate degree or certificate from the University of Cincinnati will be granted to any faculty member at the University of Cincinnati (full-time or part-time above rank of instructor) who teaches in the same department, division or school in which the degree is to be granted. This rule also applies to adjunct appointments at any faculty rank and to interdisciplinary degrees when the same college is one of the interdisciplinary colleges.

College deans may petition the Associate Dean of the Graduate School for a waiver of this policy on an individual faculty member’s behalf. The written request should describe the teaching responsibilities of the faculty member indicating whether they are teaching graduate students and a plan for managing potential conflicts of interest.