Transfer Credit for Graduate Courses Taken at UC

  1. When leaving one graduate program to join another at UC, all UC graduate credits taken as part of the incomplete program are eligible to use to fulfill requirements in the new program, based on faculty evaluation of the equivalence to courses in the new curriculum and program approval. 

  2. When a student enters a graduate program at UC, non-matriculated UC graduate credits are eligible to be used for the program, if the coursework is listed in e-curriculum as part of the curricular requirements. Subject to program approval, students may transfer up to one third of the credits required to earn their UC graduate degree Programs are permitted to award transfer credit from a prior UC graduate degree if (1) the sum of unique credits to earn both degrees is equal to or greater than the State minimums for each degree type, and (2) the transfer credit courses are part of the curriculum of the new degree program as defined in e-curriculum. Using credit that meets both criteria, up to one third of the credits of the new UC graduate program may be awarded through transfer credit. The relevant number of credits is based on the minimum credits required to earn the advanced degree starting from the minimum degree qualification (usually a baccalaureate degree). Note that for doctoral students the transfer credit total will include any use of the ODHE allowance of up to 30 credits for a prior master’s degree.