Grade Reports

End-of-term final grades may be viewed in the Catalyst student portal immediately following submission of final grades by the instructor. Grade reports include total graduate hours and hours for the current semester. The student’s grade report differentiates between “units taken” (course credits the student enrolled in but did not complete successfully or which are still pending a final grade) and “credits passed” (course credits successfully completed with a final grade other than F). These values are posted on the student’s transcript as attempted hours and earned hours. A graduate grade point average (GPA) is calculated each semester. Approved transfer credits from other institutions are included in the sum of credits earned, but grades for those credits are not included in the GPA. All graduate work, regardless of the University of Cincinnati college in which the work was done, is accumulated in these tallies. For this reason, if a student record includes UC graduate courses that do not count towards the degree, this GPA may differ from the calculation of GPA in program coursework (a minimum 3.000 program GPA is essential to earn a graduate degree). 

The I incomplete grade is awarded as a course grade (without grade point assignment) at the end of a term when a significant portion of course work has been satisfactorily completed, but not all of the required course work has been completed. The incomplete grade is appropriate when the completed course work is of passing quality and the student has had such hardship that completion of the remaining course work within the term timeline would present an additional hardship.

The instructor who assigns the incomplete grade should set a specific date by which the student must complete the remaining course work, recognizing that time must be available for any final evaluation and grade change to be made, prior to the deadline when the grade converts to an F. The deadline is one year to the last day of exams. (Please check the Office of the Registrar’s website for the specific date.) The student must work with the instructor to develop an agreement that indicates the date by which the remaining course work is to be completed and submitted to the instructor. The instructor is not obligated to provide the student with a full year to complete the remaining course work. If the remaining course work is completed within the time period agreed upon by the instructor and the student, and that completion occurs within the one year, then the instructor will submit a change of grade online (in Catalyst) based on the quality of the remaining work. If no specific time for completion is set by the instructor, the student has one year (from the end of the term in which the incomplete was assigned) to complete the remaining course work and submit it to the instructor in time for evaluation of the work and a final grade to be approved by the Registrar. If the coursework is not completed within the one-year period (i.e., one year from the end of the term in which the I grade was assigned), the I grade automatically converts to an I/F grade which affects the student’s GPA the same as the grade of F.

For the complete graduate grading scale and a definition of all grades, consult the Grading Scales and Definitions page of the Registrar's Office website.