Award Opportunities

The Graduate School office sponsors awards, fellowships, scholarships and assistantships for deserving students.

Many public and private organizations also provide fellowships and scholarships for graduate students. Please visit the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards for assistance in finding and applying to competitive awards.

Recent Graduate Student Award Winners

Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Maria Gaki, Department of Classics, College of Arts and Sciences
Kimberly Grey, Department of English (Creative Writing Poetry), College of Arts and Sciences
Orlaith Heymann, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences
Steven Palladino, Department of Physics, College of Arts and Sciences
Samantha Regan, Neuroscience Graduate Program, College of Medicine

Excellence in Teaching Award for Graduate Assistants, 2019-20

Smruti Deoghare, Biomedical Informatics (MED), PhD student

Jana Hockersmith, Communication (A&S), MA student

College Awardees

  • A&S: Crystal Whetstone, Political Science, PhD
  • CEAS: Madhav Lolla, Computer Science, PhD
  • DAAP: May Khalife, Architecture, PhD
  • LCOB: Xin Li, Business Administration (Finance), PhD

MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award, 2019-20 UC Nominee

CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards, 2019 UC Nominees

Biological Sciences

Courtney Sullivan, Neuroscience, PhD
Bioenergetic Abnormalities in Schizophrenia

Humanities/Fine Arts

Maria Eugenia Achurra G., Architecture, PhD
An Exceptionalist Spectacle: Federal Architecture After the 1898 Spanish-American War