Dual Degree Programs

The university offers the opportunity for students to pursue two complementary graduate degrees simultaneously through structured, official dual degree programs (see below for a complete listing). The advantage of these programs is that they may require fewer credits than completing each degree program separately. 

Each program’s entrance requirements must be met in addition to university requirements, and the applicant must be accepted by both programs. Below is a listing of the Dual Degree programs:

  • Accounting  MBA/MS
  • Business Analytics  MBA/MS
  • Business Administration/Arts Administration  MBA/MA
  • Business Administration/Nursing   MBA/MSN
  • Community Planning/Landscape Architecture  MCP/MLA
  • Community Planning/Law  MCP/JD 
  • Finance  MBA/MS
  • Human Resources  MBA/MA
  • Information Systems  MBA/MS
  • Marketing  MBA/MS
  • Law/Women’s Studies  JD/MA
  • Law/Business  JD/MBA
  • Law/Political Science  JD/MA
  • Law/Political Science  JD/PhD

Please see the UC Dual Degree Cross-Credit section for information on the maximum amount of transfer credit that can be applied to the dual degree programs.