2023 3MT Competition Finalists

A graduate student speaks on a stage in an auditorium.

3MT Finalists

  • Oluwasen Ajayi: Biological Sciences (A&S) 
  • Valeria Andrade: Psychology (A&S)
  • Brooke Campbell: Electrical Engineering (CEAS)
  • Dalton Cooper: Psychology (A&S)
  • Regin Dean: Mental Health Counseling (CECH) 
  • Courtney Fox: Education (CECH) 
  • Shelby Hetzer, Neuroscience (College of Medicine)
  • Artur Huseinov: Chemistry (A&S) 
  • Julia Martini: Cultural Anthropology (A&S)
  • Feifei Pang: Information Technology (CECH)
  • Bidisha Paul: Biological Sciences (A&S) 
  • Samuel Virolainen: Immunology (College of Medicine)