2024 3MT Competition Finalists

A graduate student speaks on a stage in an auditorium.

2024 competitor, Christine Ochs-Naderer

3MT Finalists

  • Pradeep Ramtel: Environmental Engineering  (CEAS) 
  • Nicole Pek: Molecular and Developmental Biology (College of Medicine)
  • Aaron Mallory: Criminal Justice (CECH)
  • Christine Ochs-Naderer: English (A&S)
  • Shelby Hetzer: Neuroscience (College of Medicine)
  • Samia Alyami: Physics (A&S)
  • Tolulope Odunola: Environmental Engineering (CEAS)
  • Tyler Boggs: Biological Sciences (A&S)
  • Liang Shen: Marketing (Linder College of Business)
  • Lily Botsyoe: Information Technology (CECH)
  • Ahmed Youssef: Physics (A&S)
  • Sabrina Bothwell: Psychology (A&S)