PFF-approved workshops are offered by the Graduate School, the Academy of Fellows for Teaching & Learning (AFTL), the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CET&L), the Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE), and other UC groups. This page and the Microsoft SharePoint show which workshops qualify for credit for the present term. The workshops chosen by the PFF program typically focus on pedagogy.

Workshops lasting four hours or less are worth five activity points. Workshops lasting over four hours are worth ten activity points.

In order for students to receive activity points for attending a workshop, an activity log must be completed and submitted to within one month of the activity date. 

Workshops, Summer 2022

PFF students are encouraged to participate in the following online workshop offerings for PFF recognition. These offerings will be periodically updated. Please check the registration link to see if the specific workshop is virutal or in-person.

Please note: PFF students in the tiered program are required to submit a one paragraph summary following the attended workshop. These summaries can be submitted via email to and are required within thirty days of the workshop. 

Recorded CET&L Workshops