Official Transcript Submission Policy for Enrollment

After confirming enrollment, new students are required to submit official transcripts or official transcript evaluations based on the policy outlined below. Enrollment will not be finalized until this requirement is met. 

What does UC consider an official transcript?

  • International Applicants: A transcript for a bachelor’s degree is considered final and official if it came with a NACES member (commonly used members include IEE, Josef Silny & Associates, SpanTran, WES, etc.) document-by-document or general (typically the most inexpensive option) evaluation, and was sent directly to UC from that NACES member organization. Evaluations can be obtained for all degrees completed but are only required for bachelor’s degrees. This requirement does not apply to international applicants who received a bachelor's degree from a US college or university. Please follow the instructions below under "Domestic Applicants" if you received your bachelor's degree from a US college or university. 
    • **Please Note: If you obtained a three-year bachelor's degree, please do not use SpanTran or ECE for the evaluation. SpanTran and ECE will not equate a three-year bachelor's degree to a four-year degree, and you will be asked to obtain a new transcript evaluation from a different NACES member.
  • Domestic ApplicantsA transcript is considered final and official if it came from the degree-granting institution directly (either by mail or electronically) and shows the degree conferral date, either on the transcript document or on a separate diploma document. Transcripts must be sent electronically from the degree-granting institution or mailed directly to UC from the degree-granting institution.

Deadline for official transcripts/transcript evaluations

Once you have confirmed enrollment at UC, please submit an official transcript showing the conferral of a bachelor's degree as soon as possible. If transcripts do not explicitly state that a degree was conferred, additional documentation will be requested. Official final transcripts or transcript evaluations showing bachelor's degree conferral must be submitted by the start of a student's first term of enrollment at UC. A course registration hold will be placed on the second term of enrollment for any student missing their official transcript/transcript evaluation showing bachelor's degree conferral. Individual programs may require the submission of additional official transcripts, and students should consult with the program to find out the requirements.

Official transcripts/transcript evaluations can be sent to the following address:

Graduate Admissions

University of Cincinnati

2618 University Circle

PO Box 210091

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0091 

Additionally, many schools send transcripts electronically. Graduate Admissions accepts electronic transcripts sent directly by the school or transcript evaluation company as official transcripts. These documents can be sent to

UC alumni

Students who have received degrees from the University of Cincinnati do not need to submit official copies of their UC transcripts at the time of enrollment. 


Know Before You Order Your Transcript

  • Have you accepted admission into a graduate program yet? If not, please wait until you accept your offer of admission to send your official transcript or transcript evaluation. We will not process any transcripts/transcript evaluations for applicants who have not accepted an offer of admission. 
  • Did you just graduate? Before you order, check with your institution to make sure your completed degree will be listed on your transcript or transcript evaluation. If your transcript does not verify that you have earned your degree, you will be required to send us a new transcript/transcript evaluation once that information is added.
  • Did you attend multiple institutions previously or have a degree from multiple institutions? Unless you are applying for advanced standing (transfer) credit from previous coursework, only your official transcript from the institution you received your bachelor's degree is required. Other transcripts only need to be sent if you are applying for advanced standing transfer credit.
  • Are you ordering an electronic transcript? You must have the institution send your electronic transcript directly to Graduate Admissions ( Electronic transcripts received by the student and then forwarded on to Graduate Admissions are not considered official. Only electronic transcripts sent directly to UC are considered official.
  • Are you ordering paper copies to be sent to yourself? We can accept paper transcripts from students only if the transcript is still in its original, sealed envelope. We will not accept transcripts if the envelope has been opened or if the envelope has been resealed. 


More Questions?

Contact Graduate Admissions at or (513) 556-1100.