Graduate School Policy on Transcript Submission for Admission

These policies are the minimum requirements as set by the Graduate School for all graduate programs (with the exception of the JD, MD and PharmD) and apply to all admissions applications. Individual programs may set additional requirements or earlier deadlines for the submission of materials. Contact a specific program of interest for complete requirements information.

Official transcripts are not required by the Graduate School at the time of application, but are required from all students who accept an offer of admission to the university.

Know Before You Order

  • Have you accepted admission into a graduate program yet? If not, please wait until you accept your offer of admission to send your official transcript. We will not process any transcripts for applicants who have not accepted an offer of admission. 
  • Did you just graduate? Before you order, check with your institution to make sure your completed degree will be listed on your transcript. If your transcript does not verify that you have earned your degree, you will be required to send us a new transcript, once that information is added to your student record.
  • Are you ordering an electronic transcript? You must have the institution send your electronic transcript directly to the Graduate School ( Electronic transcripts received by the student and then forwarded on to the Graduate School are not considered official. Only electronic transcripts sent directly to UC are considered official.
  • Are you ordering paper copies to be sent to yourself? We can accept paper transcripts from students only if the transcript is still in its original, sealed envelope. We will not accept transcripts if the envelope has been opened or if the envelope has been resealed. 
  • Did you earn your degree in China? For degrees received in China, view the policy outlined below.
  • "Can I get my transcript back?" No. Once submitted to the Graduate School, transcripts become the property of the university and cannot be returned to the student. 
  • "What happens if I send a transcript that is not accepted as an official document?" The Graduate School has very specific requirements for what makes a transcript official. Unofficial transcripts will not be retained. Please see the next section for all criteria a transcript must meet to be considered official. 

Transcript Submission Policy

What does the Graduate School consider official transcripts?

Transcripts are considered official when they arrive directly from the school in a sealed (fastened shut) envelope. The Graduate School will accept transcripts first received by the applicant and then forwarded to the Graduate School, provided that the transcripts stay in their original, sealed envelopeOnce the applicant or someone outside the University of Cincinnati opens the transcript envelope, the Graduate School can no longer accept the transcript as official. 

The Graduate School also accepts electronic transcripts that are provided directly by the institution to UC. Electronic transcripts must be provided via the institution's official transcript service or by the designated administrator via an official institution email account. 

Providing academic records during the application process

Applicants will be required to upload images or scans of their unofficial transcripts. Any significant discrepancies later found between student-provided unofficial transcripts and official transcripts will be grounds for dismissal. Unless a program has explicitly stated other requirements, it will only be necessary to submit official transcripts after an applicant has accepted an offer of admission. Do NOT send official transcripts as part of your application if they are not required; this will slow down processing of your application and will not benefit the admissions process.

Deadline for official transcripts with degree conferral

Once an applicant has been extended an offer of admission to the University of Cincinnati and accepted, he or she should submit an official transcript showing conferral of a baccalaureate degree or higher as soon as possible. If transcripts do not explicitly state that a degree was conferred, the educational institution must separately document the earned degree (ideally in a letter sent with the official transcript). The deadline for submission of official transcripts is one week before the end of classes in the student's first semester. Students will not be allowed to complete a full academic year without providing verification of an earned baccalaureate degree or higher. Individual programs may require the submission of additional official transcripts, and students should consult with the program to find out the requirements.

Official transcripts can be sent to the following addresses:

Regular U.S. postal mail:
Graduate School
University of Cincinnati
110 Van Wormer Hall
P.O. Box 210627
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627

Delivery via parcel delivery service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.):
Graduate School
University of Cincinnati
2614 McMicken Circle
110 Van Wormer Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0627

Additionally, many schools now send transcripts electronically. The Graduate School accepts electronic transcripts sent directly by the school as official transcripts. These documents can be sent to

UC alumni

Students who have received degrees from the University of Cincinnati do not need to submit official copies of their UC transcripts.

However, if the program to which the student is applying requires the use of an outside Common Application System, applicants should follow those guidelines for submitting documentation and may be required to submit official UC transcripts to that organization.


Students with degrees received in China (excluding Hong Kong & Macau)

During the application process

Applicants who have received degrees in China will upload scans or images of their transcripts along with English translations. These "unofficial transcripts" are required during the application process. These documents do not need to be verified at this stage of the application process.

After being accepted to join a graduate program

Those admitted students who have received a degree in China will not submit the usual official transcripts. Instead, they must have their degrees verified by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). For admissions review purposes (during the application process only), these students will apply with unofficial transcripts and translations like all other applicants. 

After being accepted to join a graduate program, applicants who have earned a degree from China must submit electronic (or scanned originals) of the Degree Certificate in English and Chinese and electronic CDGDC degree certificate verification report in Chinese. Send these items to along with your name and M# (your UC student ID number).

The subject line of the email should read: “CDGDC [Your Name] [M#]”

Applicants with Chinese transcripts must contact the CDGCD after their degree is completed. Students who request a verification report prior to degree conferral will be required to submit a second report after degree conferral.

Students who have completed coursework in China but not received a degree will not be required to submit verification through the CDGDC.

Order a verification report from the CDGDC

When are student verification reports due?

CDGDC verification reports should be sent to the Graduate school as soon as possible after admission. The final deadline for submission of official transcripts is one week before the end of classes in the student's first semester. Failure to submit verification reports will result in students being placed in non-matriculated status, which will result in UC revoking the student’s visa.

What is the cost of a verification report?

CDGDC has moved to an electronic only service and no longer charges a fee for verification. This may be subject to change in the future.

Question: The program I am applying to requires the use of a third-party evaluation—e.g., WES (World Education Services)—for transcript evaluation. If I send this evaluation report, do I also need to send a report from CDGDC?

If the third-party evaluating agency is a NACES member and uses the CDGDC for their verification, you will not need to send a report from the CDGDC and the evaluation is sufficient for your application. If not, please contact to find out whether your evaluation will be accepted.

More Questions?

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