Time to Degree and Extensions

The Board of Trustees stipulates that all degree requirements must be completed within a defined span of years starting from the date of matriculation into the degree program, regardless of whether students are full time or part time. This span is 5 years for the master's degree and 9 years for the doctoral degree. Under extenuating circumstances, a program may petition, on behalf of the student, for extension of the time limit for attaining the degree. Prior to the program petitioning the Graduate College for an extension, the student must communicate with the student’s program advisor and/or director to review the student’s degree completion to date and form a plan for degree completion. All this information should be included in a petition submitted to the Graduate College, which will review this petition and make a final decision.

Students who have not completed degree requirements by their time-to-degree limit are on inactive status regardless of course registration in each academic year. Such students are required to apply for an extension of their time-to-degree.