After You Apply

These Frequently Asked Questions are for students who have submitted their application. 

Use the Application Management page of the graduate admissions application to check the status of your application. Use the same log-in information you used for your online application.

Although the Graduate School processes your application, the individual programs determine acceptance. Some academic programs review applications as they arrive; others have scheduled review dates and only evaluate applications at that time.

Direct inquiries regarding your application status should be made to the program to which you applied. Use the graduate program finder to find the appropriate contact person for your program. The Graduate School will not be able to provide you with a status update.

You can manage recommendations—including sending a reminder to your recommender(s) and adding a new recommender—in the application status page.

View this document for help with entering and managing recommendations: Troubleshooting recommendations (pdf) (To view this document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download).

Individual graduate programs are responsible for determining all admissions decisions, including the timeframe for when decisions will be made. Please contact the program to which you applied to find out more information. Use the graduate program finder to find the appropriate contact person for your program.

The University of Cincinnati only offers conditional admission to international students who intend to satisfy the English proficiency requirement by completing a course of study through the ELS Language Center. International students must be offered full admission following completion of ELS 112 and cannot be conditionally admitted for academic reasons other than English proficiency. 

However, not all programs offer conditional admission. You will need to directly contact the Admissions Contact or Program Coordinator for the program to which you are interested in applying. Use the graduate program finder to find the appropriate contact person for your program of interest.

Once you are granted admission, you will receive an official letter of admission (or a request for additional information) from your program. You will also need to provide your official transcript at this time.

If you need to defer your application to a different term than what is indicated on your application or withdrawal an already submitted application, please reach out to the program directly. Visit the Graduate Program Listing site to find your program's admission contact. 

Transcripts are considered official when the documents arrive directly from the school in a sealed envelope. The Graduate School also accepts transcripts that were first received by the applicant and then forwarded to the Graduate School, as long as the transcripts stay in their original, sealed envelope. Once the applicant opens the transcript envelope, the Graduate School can no longer accept the transcript as official. If a transcript does not explicitly state that a degree was conferred, the degree must be shown in another document from the educational institution. This document, stating degree conferral, must also arrive directly from the school in a sealed envelope.

Additionally, many schools now send transcripts electronically. The Graduate School accepts electronic transcripts sent directly by the school as official transcripts. These documents can be sent to

No - you do not need to request for an official copy of your UC transcript to be submitted to the Graduate School, as we will be able to access those records.

Due to the high volume of transcripts the Graduate School receives each term, there may be a delay in updating your student portal. If you have questions regarding your transcripts, please reach out to

Please note, even if you requested for a transcript to be submitted electronically, it can take some time between when you requested for transcripts to be sent to UC for us to receive them from your previous institution(s). 

For regular U.S. postal mail:

University of Cincinnati - Graduate School
110 Van Wormer Hall
PO Box 210627
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627
United States

For delivery via FedEx, DHL, etc.

University of Cincinnati - Graduate School
2614 McMicken Circle
110 Van Wormer Hall
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627
United States

Individual graduate programs are primarily responsible for dispensing fellowships, graduate assistantships and other funding. You can also find general information about funding through the Graduate School’s Funding Opportunities page. Additionally, the International Student Services website has information regarding funding available for international studentsLoans are handled by the Student Financial Aid office.