Previous Award Winners


Jacob Ebbs, Department of Philosophy (A&S), PhD student

Evan Martschenko, Division of Composition, Musicology, and Music Theory (CCM), MM student

Honorable Mentions

  • A&S: Theodore Jansen, History, MA
  • CCM: Ryan Krell, Music Theory, PhD
  • CEAS: Maulee Sheth, Biomedical Engineering, PhD
  • CEAS: Nikhil Thomas, Mechanical Engineering, MS
  • CEAS: Ayaaz Yasin, Aerospace Engineering, MS
  • LCOB: Jiantong Wang, Operations, Business Analytics & Information Systems, PhD


Sarah Beal, Department of Classics (A&S), PhD student

Mariam Elgafy, Department of Communication (A&S), MA student

College Awardees

  • A&S: Ellen Chew, German Studies, PhD
  • CAHS: Chitrali Mamlekar, Communication Sciences & Disorders, PhD
  • CCM: Jiao Sun, Piano Performance, DMA
  • CEAS: Divyang Soni, Civil Engineering, MS; TA for Department of Engineering Education
  • CEAS: Thinh Nguyen, Electrical Engineering, PhD
  • COM: Ellen (Ellie) Kolb Gagliani, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology, PhD 
  • DAAP: Jordan Sauer, Architecture, MArch
  • LCOB: Nathanael (Nate) Martin, Marketing, PhD


Smruti Deoghare, Biomedical Informatics (MED), PhD student

Jana Hockersmith, Communication (A&S), MA student

College Awardees

  • A&S: Crystal Whetstone, Political Science, PhD
  • CEAS: Madhav Lolla, Computer Science, PhD
  • DAAP: May Khalife, Architecture, PhD
  • LCOB: Xin Li, Business Administration (Finance), PhD


Caitlin Doyle, English and Creative Writing (A&S), PhD student

M. Hadassah Ward, Communication (A&S), MA student

College Awardees

  • A&S: Ben Merritt, Biological Sciences, PhD
  • CAHS: Chitrali Mamlekar, Communication Sciences and Disorders, PhD
  • CCM: Felipe Morales-Torres, Music Education, MM
  • CCM: Fabio Menchetti, Piano Performance, DMA
  • CEAS: Gaurav Patil, Mechanical Engineering, PhD
  • CECH: Naomi Matley, Health Education, MS
  • CoM: Kaitlin Hart, Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology, PhD
  • DAAP: Paige Fruechtnicht, Fine Arts-Art, MFA
  • LCB: Changyu Yang, Finance, PhD


Alex Jones, Computer Science & Engineering (CEAS), PhD student

Joe Deye, Communication (A&S), MA student

College Awardees

  • A&S: Abigail Richard, Mathematical Sciences, PhD
  • CAHS: Chelsea Benson Blankenship, Communication Sciences and Disorders, PhD
  • CCM: Michael Hayden, Music Theory, MM
  • CCM: Joseph Rivers, Music Education, MM
  • CECH: Laura Kelley, Educational Studies, PhD
  • DAAP: Jongwoong Kim, Regional Development Planning, PhD
  • LCOB: Harshad Puranik, Business Administration, PhD 


Ruth Pogacar, Business Administration (LCOB) PhD student

College Awardees

  • CAHS: Chelsea Blankenship, Communication Sciences & Disorders, PhD student
  • CCM: Alyssa Mehnert, Musicology, PhD student
  • CECH: Danika McLeod, Criminal Justice, PhD student
  • Pharmacy: Salwa Ragab, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Biopharmaceutics, PhD student


Megan Lamkin, Biological Sciences (A&S) doctoral student

Maurice Todd, Double Bass (CCM) master’s student

College Awardees

  • A&S: Heather Hopgood, Chemistry, PhD student
  • A&S: Sarah Jernigan, Communication, MA student
  • Business: Jaclyn Perrmann, Business Administration, PhD student
  • CAHS: Sarah Hamilton, Communication Sciences & Disorders, PhD student
  • CCM: Erik Paffett, Musicology, PhD student
  • CEAS: Jacob Stegman, Biomedical Engineering, PhD student
  • CECH: Angelica Hardee, Health Education, PhD student
  • DAAP: Kelly Cave, Fine Arts-Sculpture, MFA student