University Fellowships

University of Cincinnati fellowships are financial awards that include tuition scholarships and stipends with no associated service requirements. The purpose of a fellowship award is to allow the recipient to concentrate exclusively on their studies; therefore, multiple appointments and/or employment by the University of Cincinnati are not permitted for students receiving fellowships.

The appointing program sends written offers of fellowship awards, including information about the amount and duration of the award; a general description of the academic obligations accepted by the student as part of the award; a reference to sources of information about academic requirements for degree completion; a description of the conditions under which either the student or unit may terminate the award prior to its end-date; and criteria for reappointment.

Students receiving fellowships should check with Student Financial Aid to be informed about the potential impact on their eligibility for aid. Income received that is not for services rendered (whether it be in the form of a fellowship, grant, or award) will be calculated in whether a student meets the Cost of Attendance for the University of Cincinnati.

Fellowship awardees have an enrollment obligation identical to GS with assistantship/UGA (university graduate assistantship) awardees, and they lose eligibility for the fellowship award if they accumulate more than 174 graduate credit hours. (See 174 Graduate Credit Rule).