Application Process for 4+1 and AIM Programs

Application to 4+1 Degree Programs

If an undergraduate student plans to matriculate into a master’s degree program upon completion of the bachelor's degree, they can consult with advisors to begin (A) taking graduate-level coursework as an advanced undergraduate student, and (B) focusing on thesis-related, independent research at an earlier date. This advising plan to achieve an articulated path to a master’s degree is called a 4+1 program. Students who enter these programs must complete all of the requirements of each respective degree and must apply separately for both degree programs at the appropriate time.

To be eligible for entry to a 4+1 program, students must have junior standing (64 semester credits). In addition, students must meet all College and graduate program admission requirements for the particular program.

4+1 students should note the following:

  • 4+1 students who enroll in graduate-level coursework prior to formally matriculating as a graduate student are allowed to apply up to 12 semester graduate-level credits toward the requirements of the master’s degree. These credits cannot be used for the bachelor’s degree. Students in the 4+1 program will complete the rest of their graduate coursework after formal completion and certification of the bachelor's degree. Students should refer to the section of this handbook containing the general requirements of the master’s degree and speak to the directors of the graduate program about specific requirements.

  • 4+1 students wishing to matriculate into a master’s program must complete a formal graduate admission application online in their junior or senior year to be admitted to the graduate program and begin the master’s degree. Students should speak to the directors of the graduate program about specific admission and application requirements.

Application to Accelerated Integrated Master’s (AIM) Programs

The university has a limited set of programs that allow for a single application and admission to obtain a bachelor’s plus master’s degree in a single course of study. These programs are tightly structured around co-op experiences and allow undergraduate students to accumulate more than 12 graduate credits prior to transitioning to a matriculated graduate student. 

Applicants apply to an AIM program at the time of application to UC as an undergraduate but are still required to formally apply to transition to the graduate portion of their program at a time defined by their AIM program. There is a free and abbreviated application for UC undergraduate students transitioning to the associated master’s degree that is part of their AIM program.