Presidential Fellowship Program

We are seeking to recruit 15 outstanding doctoral students for Fall 2024. Research doctoral programs may nominate an incoming student who is high achieving and would like a different path to the doctorate by contacting Graduate College Dean Rose Marie Ward.

Signature aspects of the program:

  • Highly flexible cohort-based program with industry and regional connections
  • Mentorship from industry partners and UC graduate alumni
  • $10K stipend on top of their departmental funding (5 years)
  • 100% of UC Student Health Insurance covered
  • The student will still meet the learning outcomes of the degree program
  • 50% of their time will be directly mentored with the advisor (Grant writing, publications, etc.)
  • 50% of their time developing transferrable skills (e.g., Communicating to nonspecialists; Project management; Conflict management; Teamwork; Ethics/Social Responsibility; Leadership and mentoring)
  • Interdisciplinary experiences with local organizations, industry etc.
  • Individual Development Plans and mentoring plans for each students
  • Mentoring team for each student – Advisor; Graduate Alumni; Industry or local impact