University Merit-Based Graduate Awards

The University of Cincinnati offers several types of merit-based graduate awards. The three most common types—GIA/GAS, graduate assistantships, and fellowships—are described on their respective pages. Most university graduate awards are underwritten by university funds allocated by the Graduate School to each college, which are then awarded to students by the individual programs. Some awards are competitive and granted by the Graduate School upon recommendation of an individual graduate program.

Not all graduate students are eligible for graduate awards. Graduate awards allocated by the Graduate School are not available to students:

  1. taking classes as non-matriculated students,
  2. enrolled only in a graduate certificate program,
  3. who have not maintained satisfactory progress to meet the minimum GPA of 3.0,
  4. who are on academic probation, or
  5. who have exceeded the 174 rule.

Awards can only be guaranteed for a maximum period of one academic year, and renewal of a university graduate award is not automatic. Awards that are appointed by individual programs are awarded at the sole discretion of the program, provided that a student is eligible for the award. Programs are not obligated to renew awards for prior awardees, even if previously awarded students met all minimum guidelines.