Minimum Credits / Registration Requirements

To maintain graduate status at the University of Cincinnati, students must register at UC for at least one graduate credit that contributes to degree requirements (as determined by the graduate program) in an academic year. If the student is registered in fall semester for at least one graduate credit, he/she will maintain graduate student status throughout the entire academic year, fall through summer. Credits that are audited or in which a student receives a W, UW or F do not count toward the minimum credit requirement. Any student that does not register in the fall of an academic year and has not registered for the previous two academic years, will automatically be exited from his/her program. A student whose status has thus automatically terminated will no longer be considered a graduate student but may seek reinstatement (see Reinstatements). Also note that students wishing to use many UC resources, such as university housing, campus laboratories, office space, equipment, campus recreation center, computer labs, etc. may need to be registered. Students should check with specific facilities for their particular requirements.

Dual Degree Programs

In dual degree programs, students must be registered for at least one graduate credit that contributes to degree requirements in one of the two programs (as determined by the program) during the academic year in which they graduate with their dual degrees.