Graduate Assistants on Jury Duty

All graduate students are encouraged to participate when they are subpoenaed for jury duty. The student must seek his/her adviser’s and program director’s permission with the expectation that every effort will be made to accommodate the jury service. If the student’s absence from UC will create a hardship, he/she should seek a deferral or make arrangements to cover his/her responsibilities during his/her absence. Such arrangements must be approved by his/her program director. Students serving on jury duty will be paid their normal university stipend during the period of service, with the understanding that any compensation received for jury service must be returned to the university if his/her assistantship responsibilities remain uncovered. If the student makes arrangements to cover his/her assistantship commitment for the period in which he/she serves on jury duty, and if those arrangements are approved by his/her program director, he/she may keep the jury duty compensation in total. The student may also keep any travel reimbursement fees.