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The Bearcat's Declassified Resource Survival Guide

Campus can be an overwhelming place when you're first getting started into your academic year. It can be easy to get settled into you daily routine without taking much time to learn about the many campus resources at your disposal. Luckily, the Bearcat made this list of essential campus resources to get you started!

Check out the Bearcat's Declassified Campus Survival Guide.


Graduate Student Innovations are Turning Heads from Cincinnati’s Top Entrepreneurs

UC's 1819 Innovation Hub is home to one of Cincinnati's greatest assets: the Venture Lab. In the short amount of time it has been here, the startup incubator has churned out promising projects and small businesses that university talent - that is, faculty and students like you - have brought to the table.

Learn how the Venture Lab's pre-accelerator program works, read up on past success stories, and find out how you can make your idea come to life!

How Graduate Student Government Plans to Enrich Campus Life

Graduate Student Government (GSG) plans get grad students out of their bubbles and make a more connected and engaged campus than in years past.

Helping people from opposite sides of campus cross paths and interact is at the heart of GSG's agenda, and they plan to achieve this by throwing fun events and mixers that will entice people out of their comfort zones and into situations that build community and generate collaboration.

See what the GSG has planned.

The 1819 Innovation Hub building.

Alumni Spotlight: Sid Thatham

Sid Thatham has a passion for connecting people. This passion started with founding a group chat to connect international students, but he ended up pursuing this passion all the way to Hyperloop, where he expanded past campus and set his eyes on connecting the world.

Follow Sid's journey from chat group to Hyperloop.

Glowing, geometric art piece from the Burning Man exhibit.

The World of Burning Man at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Behold! The art of Burning Man!

Burning Man is an annual art convergence that takes place in the Black Rock Desert. This summer, the Cincinnati Art Museum is hosting a special exhibit to show off these unique art forms.

Read more about this revolutionary art festival.

Rashida Manuel speaking with a student about her work with Ohio Innocence Project

Alumni Spotlight: Rashida Manuel

Get to know UC alumna Rashida Manuel.

Over the last decade, Rashida has been hard at work advocating for those whose voices often go unheard. She worked for UC's Ohio Innocence Project for years, and now finds herself advocating for a greener, more sustainable Cincinnati.

 Read about Rashida's mission-oriented efforts.

UC is the Training Ground for the Next Generation of Service Dogs

Ever wonder what all these red-vested dogs are doing on campus? Many of those animals are service dogs in training via the nonprofit 4 Paws for Ability. College students play an important role in preparing these dogs for their permanent owners.

Learn more about how this training works and how you can get involved.

CAPS: Cultivating Emotional Health, Happiness, and Success

“Students are very hard on themselves. They expect a lot of themselves, and with college life comes a lot of pressure... At CAPS, we try to have something for everyone, to help every UC student be healthy, happy, and successful." Located just off campus at 225 Calhoun Street, CAPS is a professional counseling office within the division of student affairs offering a variety of comprehensive counseling services, and you don’t have to be “in crisis” to utilize all that they provide. 

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