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Cost Effective (or Evasive) Ways to Experience Cincinnati: Winter Break 2020

As unbelievable as it may seem, the fall semester is already coming to an end. This fall has been unlike any other for all of us, and winter break will also look a bit different this year. While festive events such as the annual SantaCon and Mount Adams Reindog Parade have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic, there are still opportunities to safely get a little holiday cheer on. 

Check out this week's feature to learn about some fun things to do in Cincinnati while on break.

Apply for the PMGSE and Research Fellowship Awards

Each year, Graduate Student Government (GSG) honors exemplary students and researchers with the Presidential Medal of Graduate Student Excellence Award (PMGSE) and the Research Fellowship Awards. Chan, the GSG’s vice president, says, “Supporting our graduate students and providing community and resources to them is our driving force."

Check out this week's feature to learn more about the awards and how to apply!

Sakinah Hofler's Writing Bears Witness to the World Around Her

Sakinah Hofler, a PhD candidate in creative writing, once referred to herself as a “former engineer.” Over the past few years, however, she adopted one that is much more appropriate: published author. Sakinah is putting the finishing touches on her first major novel Starshine, Stock, Clay (inspired by Lucille Clifton's poem "won't you celebrate with me").

Check out this week’s feature article to learn more about Sakinah and her writing.

Resource Roundup: The Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office has a number of resources that are tailored to those experiencing hardship or financial burdens, especially during the difficult circumstances of COVID-19.  These resources include the Career Closet, the Bearcats Pantry, and more, and the office is an important place to know if you are in need.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the important resources the Dean of Students Office has to offer.

Apply to Be a Contestant at the Three Minute Thesis Competition

The application for this year’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition is open! The 3MT competition challenges students to summarize their research or scholarship for a non-specialist audience using only three minutes of speech and a single PowerPoint slide. Being able to translate our knowledge or research to a non-specialist audience and not have its importance be lost in the process is essential.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about The Graduate School’s 2021 3MT event.

The PFF Program is Cultivating the Next Generation of Educators

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program is the secret sauce that anyone aspiring to teach at the collegiate level needs. The PFF program is a three-tiered, participatory program that takes students through focused reading groups, workshops, and other professional development exercises that are all designed to meet the needs of prospective teachers.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the PFF program.

The Researcher’s Guide to Perusing UC Libraries’ Virtual Stacks

UC Libraries have altered their services due to COVID-19, with the physical locations on campus operating at a limited capacity. Despite this, you can still access the plethora of volumes, manuscripts, and resources that the libraries have to offer in other ways. UC’s libraries have adapted to an online format, with digital collections, virtual research databases, and many other assets all available to students remotely. This guide will give you a glimpse into what you can expect to find online.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the online resources that the library has to offer.

Six Autumn Activities to Celebrate the Changing of the Seasons

That brisk fall feeling we all know and love is back in the air! Autumn has a set of seasonal activities that are all its own, from carving Jack-o-Lanterns out of pumpkins to watching scary movies and more. Here are some local favorite spots where you can partake in the festivities, all of which have been carefully chosen to enable you to socially distance while still enjoying what the fall season has to offer.

Check out this week’s feature to learn about a few great, local ways to celebrate fall.

Student Spotlight: Shaonta’ E. Allen

Shaonta’ is a Black Christian millennial scholar. These intersecting aspects of her identity inform the way she conducts and makes sense of her research. Her dissertation project, Unapologetically Black and Unashamedly Christian: Exploring the Complexities of Black Millennial Christianity, looks “specifically at how religion plays a role in how young Black Christians are making sense of racial inequality and how they go about responding to some of the racist conditions that they may experience.”

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about Shanota’ and her important, timely research.

Hone Your Literacy Skills with the Academic Writing Center

Graduate students are required to develop a unique set of literacy skills when to navigating the challenges of graduate-level writing. Graduate writing comes in many forms, from dissertations and academic essays to resumes, CVs, and syllabi. Realizing this, the Academic Writing Center (AWC) is designing resources which are tailored specifically to the graduate student experience.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the AWC’s upcoming workshops and tutoring experience.

Speak Out: The Center for Community Engagement Explores Art as Activism

Art can be used as a vehicle for change. To help celebrate and promote art as activism, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is hosting a two-week-long series of socially distanced campus events and online discussion sessions. Speak Out: Using Art to Create Change aims to get people involved and educated on how art is used as a vehicle for activism and positive change here in Cincinnati and across the globe.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about CCE’s Speak Out series.

Bearcats Connect Could Be a Catalyst for Your Next Job Offer

The possibilities for expanding your network at university are massive; you’ll never inhabit the same space as you do now, surrounded by (virtually, for the time being) a diverse collection of people with different backgrounds, schools of thought, and professional goals. These days, networking with people online is just as important as connecting with people in person. Curating an online platform for professionalism can be the catalyst needed to land your dream job. Enter: Bearcats Connect.

Check out this week's feature to learn about the Bearcats Connect social media platform.

Piggy bank with a hand inserting a coin from above.

Need Money for School? Launch Into the ScholarshipUniverse

Higher education is an expensive endeavor, even without the added financial stressors from living during a pandemic. But a monetary boost to the pocketbook can make things much more manageable. One of the best ways to seek supplemental income for education is to apply for scholarships, and UC has a resource that makes finding scholarships that are tailored to you and your interests easy: ScholarshipUniverse.

Read this week's feature to learn about how to leverage the ScholarshipUniverse platform.

Map Your Success with an Individual Development Plan

With summer winding down and fall semester on the horizon, now is a great time to take stock of your academic and professional progress. One of the best practices to help track your progress is to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). An IDP is a document that you complete with the purpose of furthering your career and professional development; they allow you to take abstract thoughts or aspirations and form them into a concrete plan with goals, methods to achieve them, and ways to check back in overtime to stay on the right path. 

Check out this week's feature to learn how you can create your own IDP.

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