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Adopting a Dog in Grad School: Should You? 

Puppies are cute, and by default we want them. But is adopting a living, breathing, and high-maintenance animal a good idea for a busy and mostly unavailable grad student? 

The answer is both yes and no. There are many depending factors.

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Vote 

At times we don’t understand the power we hold and the significant change we can create. Every voice matters, and every vote counts. Revel in your influence. Reach for what you believe in. If you haven’t yet voted, you can look up your polling location and hours by texting LOCATION to 21333. 

Best Halloween Parties & Activities in Cincinnati 

Don’t have any plans for Halloween this year? Don’t worry! We’ve found the best ways to celebrate the spooky season in Cincinnati. Haunted boat rides, themed costume parties, and brewery celebrations.    

Student Spotlight: Swati Chopra 

I feel blessed to be here," she says, "My belief is that I am an ordinary student who got extraordinary learning opportunities at DAAP. I would like to thank my wonderful, brilliant and supporting professors for this." Meet Swati Chopra: Yates Fellow, Vice President of DAAP’s student council, graphic design graduate assistant, and Master of Design student. Swati discusses her love of design, how she found UC, and what DAAP means to her.  

Best Fall Activities: According to UC Students

Fall is one of the most enjoyable seasons in Cincinnati—the temperature is perfect, the air is crisp, and the changing autumn leaves signal even better possibilities to come. We asked UC grad students to tell us their favorite fall activities and their answers did not disappoint (spoiler alert: lots of food, breweries, and hot chocolate).

CAPS: Cultivating Emotional Health, Happiness, and Success

“Students are very hard on themselves. They expect a lot of themselves, and with college life comes a lot of pressure... At CAPS, we try to have something for everyone, to help every UC student be healthy, happy, and successful." Located just off campus at 225 Calhoun Street, CAPS is a professional counseling office within the division of student affairs offering a variety of comprehensive counseling services, and you don’t have to be “in crisis” to utilize all that they provide. 

1819 Innovation Hub: UC's Latest Addition to Campus

The freshly renovated building at 2900 Reading Road serves as a one-stop shop for students and faculty to connect, collaborate, and innovate. Built in 1929, the original structure operated as a Sears department store. Now following a massive $38 million dollar renovation, the 1819 Innovation Hub will open its doors to the UC community on October 5th, 2018.

7 Free Things To Do In Cincinnati: September Edition

While you're getting into the swing of the semester, don't forget to make time for fun and exploring—and staying on budget!

Cincinnati is a bustling place with lots of new and exciting things going on almost every day, from outdoor group yoga to doggy happy hours.

However, you may be operating on a grad student’s budget (just like the rest of us), so we’ve compiled a mindful list of seven free things to do around the city in September.

Professional Development at UC 

Although the school year is just getting started, it’s important to remember it’s never too early to begin cultivating your professional development. The Graduate School has curated a list of the top professional development events just for you. Get out a pen and scribble these dates into your calendar! 

Dr. Ephraim Gutmark: 2018 Excellence in Mentoring Doctoral Students Award

Dr. Ephraim Gutmark, distinguished professor of aerospace engineering at UC and professor of otolaryngology at UC College of Medicine, has been recognized for his outstanding mentoring of doctoral students. Read about his story and achievements.

Student Spotlight: Jelena Vićić 

Jelena Vićić is a UC doctoral student studying cybersecurity and serving as the 2018–19 graduate student government (GSGA) president. Learn about her time working in European Parliament and the ways she's influencing the UC Graduate School community.

Student Spotlight: Reza Radmanesh

Meet Reza Radmanesh, a PhD and master’s student in both mechanical and aerospace engineering, respectively. His research involves implementing drone technology into our everyday lives.


Student Spotlight: Alexander Yarawsky

Meet Alex Yarawsky: Dean’s Fellow, staph biofilm researcher, piano player, biscotti baker, and PhD student in the Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology.

Research Librarians to the Rescue: Experts to Elevate Your Research

When you’re writing papers and conducting research, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Wouldn’t it be great to have a subject matter expert to guide you? Wouldn’t it be even better if this expert were right here on campus? These superheroes are real, and we call them research librarians.

Mark Lim and Instructional Design & Technology

A new master’s program calls the University of Cincinnati home. Instructional Design and Technology is the perfect mixture of IT, educational studies, and design. Get to know Mark Lim, one of the students behind the program.

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