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Apply for Cohort #5 at the UC Venture Lab (1819 Innovation Hub)

The UC Venture Lab runs a 7-week “Pre-Accelerator” program to work with the UC Bearcat family to cultivate their startup opportunities. The key here is if you have an idea, and aren’t sure (or are sure!) that is could be a startup, come apply to unlock the services the Venture Lab can provide to help you figure out the opportunity and potential for it. Program participants are eligible for development funding of their project, up to $5,000. Learn more about UC Venture Lab and the application process.

Graduate student Emily Dawson stands casually in front of a blue wall.

Writing with Purpose: Emily Dawson's Journey to UC

Professional writing master’s student, Emily Dawson, started her career in pharma—without any experience in the industry. Inspired by her passion for learning, she transitioned into full-time graduate education two years into her career. Now working as a writing graduate assistant for the UC College of Law, Emily is fully embracing her role as both a Bearcat and a graduate student. Emily, however, didn’t always know she wanted to be a writer. Read about Emily’s journey.

A graduate student wearing graduation robes raises her fist in celebrate as she stands in front of the UC fountain.

Five Ways to Rock the Last Month of the Semester

As a graduate student, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about staying sane and successful during the final weeks of a semester. This time of year is precarious and weird, marked by projects and exams that hold an intimidating sway over final grades. A good outcome is possible, but only if we give ourselves what we need. And, it turns out, it's very easy to forget what we need. Here are some self-care reminders.

A graduate student sits cross-legged in the corner of a room, which has prayer mats on the floor.

Prayer and Meditation for UC Students

Located in Langsam Library, room 451, a new space is available for students and faculty to find much needed reflection. The Prayer and Meditation room is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and is full of spiritual resources: prayer beads, yoga mats, prayer rugs, and religious texts ranging from the Bible to the Quran to the Torah.

Headshot of Vishnu Ramasamy.

Printing Hearts and Handshakes

Vishnushankar Viraliyur Ramasamy is a mechanical engineering student at UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He also designs and prints prosthetic limbs. You read that right—prints prosthetics. Read about Vishnu and his 3D printing ventures.

A Grad Expo Recap: Lessons in Communication 

The ability to successfully talk to someone—whether that be face-to-face or on stage in front of hundreds of people—will get you very far, and perhaps even where you want to go.

Read about how this year’s Graduate Student Expo went, and what graduate students learned about public speaking and communication skills

Jay Sinnard and the STRC Video Editing Suites 

The library offers many different kinds of equipment, and it's all up for rent for free with your bearcat card. You can rent anything from a calculator to a GoPro to a “portable sound booth.” Their newest item for rent is a professional grade telescope that’s almost as tall as I am. Renting this equipment is perfectly easy and simple. Perhaps the hardest part is actually walking to Langsam to grab your precious cargo.

Read about Jay Sinnard and Langsam Library’s STRC Video Editing Suites, where you can rent video equipment and edit your footage with professional guidance. 

Vidhya Anand: Student Profile

Get to know writer and MBA student, Vidhya Anand.

Her poetry, aesthetically simple and short, represents larger and prevalent narratives. The Rupi Kaur-esque epigrams are presented with her original artwork.

Read more about Vidhya and her business-writing-creative endeavors. 

Adopting a Dog in Grad School: Should You? 

Puppies are cute, and by default we want them. But is adopting a living, breathing, and high-maintenance animal a good idea for a busy and mostly unavailable grad student? 

The answer is both yes and no. There are many depending factors.

CAPS: Cultivating Emotional Health, Happiness, and Success

“Students are very hard on themselves. They expect a lot of themselves, and with college life comes a lot of pressure... At CAPS, we try to have something for everyone, to help every UC student be healthy, happy, and successful." Located just off campus at 225 Calhoun Street, CAPS is a professional counseling office within the division of student affairs offering a variety of comprehensive counseling services, and you don’t have to be “in crisis” to utilize all that they provide. 

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