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An ancient Athenian pot with fingerprints left by whoever threw the clay.

Athenian pottery with fingerprints (c) copyright ASCSA, Agora Excavations

Sarah Beal is Excavating Untold Stories of Ancient Athens

Sarah studies ancient Athenian culture from the 3rd century AD, with a particular interest in pottery and dining practices that has taken her on a lifelong journey all over the world. She has worked on archaeological digs in Pylos and Gordion (where King Midas and his golden touch originates), and she also spent two years in Athens working on her current research project, a study of the ancient pottery of Athenian citizens. 

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Self-Care Season is Every Season

Mindfulness and self-care are important aspects of our overall wellbeing. Simply put, if you’re not taking care of yourself, it can be difficult to navigate the many challenges graduate school will throw at you. Self-care will look different for each individual, whether it be finding your center through meditation or binge-watching New Girl, but one thing is certain: everyone needs time to focus on taking care of themselves. 

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Join RevolutionUC: A Hackathon for All

What comes to mind when you read the word “hackathon”? If the word conjures up ideas of cyber security, massive rooms full of supercomputers, and people toiling away at their desktops through the wee hours of the night, then you’re not alone. And while these ideas are not totally off the mark, there is much more to the hackathon picture. UC is set to host the RevolutionUC Hackathon event, and you – regardless of major, programming experience, or preconceived notions of hacking – are invited.

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B the Keeper: Brandon Reynolds on the Zen of Beekeeping

What does it take to be a beekeeper? Brandon Reynolds, a UC alum and local sustainability expert, argues that the key to successful beekeeping is patience. “You have to have patience for the bees to show you their world,” he says. “And also, patience with yourself, because when was the last time you used all five of your senses to do anything?” 

Check out this week's feature to learn more about how Brandon is bringing the bees back to Cincinnati.

Hone Your Literacy Skills with the Academic Writing Center

The Academic Writing Center (AWC) is hosting another season of workshops to help you with all things related to writing at the graduate level. We as graduate students are required to develop a unique set of literacy skills when navigating graduate-level writing, and this workshop series will take you through all of these topics and more to arm you with the tools to excel at any form of graduate writing.

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Find Community and Join the Discussion with PFF’s Reading Groups

The Preparing Future Faculty program (PFF) is essential for those with aspirations to one day teach in the college classroom. And whether you’re a formal member of the program or not, PFF's reading groups are open to anyone, which makes them a great gateway to meeting peers who are interested in the topics being discussed. If you’re looking for community in your academic journey, you’ll find it here. 

Check out this week's feature to learn more about how to join in the discussion.

Sakinah Hofler's Writing Bears Witness to the World Around Her

Sakinah Hofler, a PhD candidate in creative writing, once referred to herself as a “former engineer.” Over the past few years, however, she adopted one that is much more appropriate: published author. Sakinah is putting the finishing touches on her first major novel Starshine, Stock, Clay (inspired by Lucille Clifton's poem "won't you celebrate with me").

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Resource Roundup: The Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office has a number of resources that are tailored to those experiencing hardship or financial burdens, especially during the difficult circumstances of COVID-19.  These resources include the Career Closet, the Bearcats Pantry, and more, and the office is an important place to know if you are in need.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the important resources the Dean of Students Office has to offer.

The PFF Program is Cultivating the Next Generation of Educators

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program is the secret sauce that anyone aspiring to teach at the collegiate level needs. The PFF program is a three-tiered, participatory program that takes students through focused reading groups, workshops, and other professional development exercises that are all designed to meet the needs of prospective teachers.

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The Researcher’s Guide to Perusing UC Libraries’ Virtual Stacks

UC Libraries have altered their services due to COVID-19, with the physical locations on campus operating at a limited capacity. Despite this, you can still access the plethora of volumes, manuscripts, and resources that the libraries have to offer in other ways. UC’s libraries have adapted to an online format, with digital collections, virtual research databases, and many other assets all available to students remotely. This guide will give you a glimpse into what you can expect to find online.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the online resources that the library has to offer.

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