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#UCNextLevelGrads: Celebrating Spring 2020 Graduates

Spring 2020 graduates, your celebration continues on Saturday, June 27th at 10 a.m.!

The Graduate School is partnering with the Graduate Student Government (GSG) to commemorate graduating members of our community with a celebratory video event. This video is our way of saying farewell and congratulations on all your hard work and achievements from your time here at UC!

Check out this week’s feature to find out how to tune in and participate!

Black headphones on a yellow backdrop.

For Your Ears: Podcasts to Engage, Inspire, and Entertain

In the world of podcasting, the power is in the hands of the content creators; anyone with a microphone, a passion, and a knack for conversation can start a podcast. Podcasters cover any topic under the sun, from hard news to food reviews and far beyond. 

Check out this week’s feature to learn about some great podcasts to tune into, some of which are higher education-related, and others just for the sake of entertainment!

Ricky posing with a clarinet and oboe.

The Quarantunes of Ricky Roshell

Ricky Roshell is a jazz studies MA student in CCM. While COVID-19 has halted his live performances for the time being, Ricky is staying busy by arranging and recording videos of himself playing his favorite tunes. The catch? Ricky is the only performer. Think big WebEx conference call but with a rotating cast of woodwind instruments rather than people.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about Ricky and his process for making these impressive performance videos.

Six Local Parks to Visit for a Much-Needed Brain Break

As the semester winds down, we students are likely spending the majority of our time cooped up inside, preparing for finals and self-distancing. Cincinnati Parks, citing the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, has established that parks should remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak, as long as visitors abide by social distancing guidelines. With so many great parks in the area, there are many opportunities to get outside and take in some fresh air.

In this week’s feature, check out some of our favorite local parks that remain open during COVID-19. For the safety of yourself and others, be sure to maintain those boundaries!

The Health Sciences GSA, which won the award for GSA of the Year.

Celebrating the Recipients of This Year's Excellence Awards

Despite the GSG’s Spring Ball being cancelled this year, The Graduate School still wanted to highlight the achievements of the recipients of the Graduate Student Excellence Awards. These awards celebrate the hard work of outstanding members of the graduate student community for exemplary scholarship, service, and more. The GSG's vice president, Mohan Pillai, says, "The committee, of course, had a difficult time deciding between the nominees; all the applicants were exceptional in their own way. Several meetings, many hours and a few pizzas later, the committee agreed upon the winners."

In this week’s feature, hear from some of the recipients on what it means to be recognized for their achievements.

Student Spotlight: Brittney Miles

Brittney Miles, a sociology PhD student, is making sure that black girls are seen most clearly. Her research investigates the ways that schools and society fail young black girls in the Cincinnati area. She partners with a local youth organization to lead focus groups that allow these girls to share their experiences with school discipline and reflect on them in a safe space. 

Read this week's feature to hear more about Brittney's research and learn how she is supporting these girls by giving them a voice. 

Van Wormer Hall, located on McMicken Circle, is the home of the Graduate School and the Office of the Provost.

Supporting Graduate Assistants with a Revised GSHI Award

One of the ways that the Graduate School supports graduate assistants and fellows is through the Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI) Award, which covers part of the cost of the UC Student Health Insurance (SHI) premium. Over this academic year, the Graduate School has been working on a sustainable plan for providing these UC SHI subsidies in future years. We are now able to announce that the Graduate School will provide the GSHI award to support qualified full-time graduate assistants, regardless of how many previous semesters they have received the GSHI award. The Graduate School is able to provide this level of support due to collaboration with President Pinto, Provost Nelson, and the UC Colleges. 

Read this week's feature to find out how the GSHI award is changing for Fall 2020 and if you will be eligible for the award for the 2020-21 academic year.

Signing Off: Dean Montrose Reflects on a Career in Academia

Marshall “Chip” Montrose, vice provost and dean of The Graduate School, is retiring. Dr. Montrose has worked at the University of Cincinnati for nearly two decades, where he has helped to develop interdisciplinary initiatives to bridge the gaps between colleges and get people from opposite sides of campus communicating and collaborating. 

Read this week’s feature to hear what Dr. Montrose has been up to as he reflects on a career in academia and prepares for retirement.

Dr. Chris Sullivan: 2020 Excellence in Mentoring of Doctoral Students Award

Dr. Chris Sullivan, the director of graduate studies for the School of Criminal Justice, is this year’s recipient of The Graduate School’s Excellence in Mentoring of Doctoral Students Award. Dr. Sullivan says that it is a source of great pride to see students he works with enter the field see how their journeys are going past his role as a mentor. He says, “when they’re out there doing it and don’t need me anymore… that’s the goal.” 

Read more about Dr. Sullivan's mentorship.

An Ongoing Conversation: Who is American Today?

Flavia Bastos, Ph.D., a professor is visual arts education in the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, is changing the way high school students perceive their identity by putting one powerful tool in their hands: a phone. Her research project investigates how high school students define the American identity and what they consider an “American” to be. 

Learn more about the Who is American Today? project.

Student Spotlight: Maria Gaki

Maria Gaki is a classical philology PhD student who is studying texts from the ancient Hellenistic period. Thanks to the help of modern technology, these texts, which detail a long-buried society that was destroyed by the infamous 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, are finally able to be read and studied for the first time.

Learn more about Maria’s research, which is among the first to finally peer into the primary sources that detail the culture of this long-extinct civilization.

Student Spotlight: Smruti Deoghare

Smruti has mastered the art of balance. In addition to training an articifial intelligence tool to successfully detect pediatric tumors, she is an avid dancer, enthusiastic teacher, dedicated artist, the list goes on. She spends her time at UC exploring as many roles as possible, always staying curious and learning something new.

Learn more about Smruti's cutting-edge research and intricate artworks.

Resource Roundup: The Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion

We all play a role – students, faculty, and staff alike – in the creation of an equitable, just, and inclusive campus. One thing we can all do is educate ourselves on what resources are out there to help create and maintain this kind of environment. One such resource is the Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion, whose primary role is to ensure that Title IX is upheld.

Learn what their office does and how it is a resource to us as students, faculty, and staff.

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