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Hone Your Literacy Skills with the Academic Writing Center

Graduate students are required to develop a unique set of literacy skills when to navigating the challenges of graduate-level writing. Graduate writing comes in many forms, from dissertations and academic essays to resumes, CVs, and syllabi. Realizing this, the Academic Writing Center (AWC) is designing resources which are tailored specifically to the graduate student experience.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about the AWC’s upcoming workshops and tutoring experience.

Speak Out: The Center for Community Engagement Explores Art as Activism

Art can be used as a vehicle for change. To help celebrate and promote art as activism, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is hosting a two-week-long series of socially distanced campus events and online discussion sessions. Speak Out: Using Art to Create Change aims to get people involved and educated on how art is used as a vehicle for activism and positive change here in Cincinnati and across the globe.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about CCE’s Speak Out series.

Bearcats Connect Could Be a Catalyst for Your Next Job Offer

The possibilities for expanding your network at university are massive; you’ll never inhabit the same space as you do now, surrounded by (virtually, for the time being) a diverse collection of people with different backgrounds, schools of thought, and professional goals. These days, networking with people online is just as important as connecting with people in person. Curating an online platform for professionalism can be the catalyst needed to land your dream job. Enter: Bearcats Connect.

Check out this week's feature to learn about the Bearcats Connect social media platform.

Piggy bank with a hand inserting a coin from above.

Need Money for School? Launch Into the ScholarshipUniverse

Higher education is an expensive endeavor, even without the added financial stressors from living during a pandemic. But a monetary boost to the pocketbook can make things much more manageable. One of the best ways to seek supplemental income for education is to apply for scholarships, and UC has a resource that makes finding scholarships that are tailored to you and your interests easy: ScholarshipUniverse.

Read this week's feature to learn about how to leverage the ScholarshipUniverse platform.

A First Point of Entry: The Graduate Student Government's Orientation and Welcome Event

Graduate Student Government (GSG) is an essential campus organization that supports and advocates for the graduate student body. This year, GSG is planning an orientation event that is sure to be a great educational experience for any graduate student, whether you’re just starting on the path to a master’s degree or you’re a doctoral student starting your final year of dissertation writing. 

The event will be split up into multiple sessions over the course of the first two weeks of fall semester, with different campus leaders and offices featured depending on the topic of the session. Check out this week’s feature to meet the GSG’s executive board, learn their agenda for the year, and find out how to attend their orientation sessions.

Duttenhofer’s Books is Selling Pieces of History

A really good book has the ability to leave its mark on us forever; whether it’s because the book tells a compelling story, because of its significance to its field or discipline, or because it leaves us with bits of wisdom that are still worth reflecting on years later, books are incredibly powerful vessels for thought and entertainment. We are lucky in Clifton to have a locally owned used bookstore that has served our community since 1976: Duttenhofer’s Books. 

Check out this week's feature to learn more about the longtime Clifton establishment.

Map Your Success with an Individual Development Plan

With summer winding down and fall semester on the horizon, now is a great time to take stock of your academic and professional progress. One of the best practices to help track your progress is to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). An IDP is a document that you complete with the purpose of furthering your career and professional development; they allow you to take abstract thoughts or aspirations and form them into a concrete plan with goals, methods to achieve them, and ways to check back in overtime to stay on the right path. 

Check out this week's feature to learn how you can create your own IDP.

Need Advice? CAPS says "Let's Talk"

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has transitioned nearly all of their resources online in order to still be accessible to those that need them. The most accessible of these resources are the Let’s Talk sessions, which are walk-in consultations where counselors can quickly and easily meet with students. Let’s Talk sessions enable you to have a quick, 15-20-minute consultation with a counselor on whatever topic or issue you need help with.

Check out this week's feature to learn more about CAPS' Let's Talk sessions.

Two graduating doctoral students smiling with one of their advisors.

#UCNextLevelGrads: Celebrating Spring 2020 Graduates

Spring 2020 graduates, your celebration continues on Saturday, June 27th at 10 a.m.!

The Graduate School is partnering with the Graduate Student Government (GSG) to commemorate graduating members of our community with a celebratory video event. This video is our way of saying farewell and congratulations on all your hard work and achievements from your time here at UC!

Check out this week’s feature to find out how to tune in and participate!

Black headphones on a yellow backdrop.

For Your Ears: Podcasts to Engage, Inspire, and Entertain

In the world of podcasting, the power is in the hands of the content creators; anyone with a microphone, a passion, and a knack for conversation can start a podcast. Podcasters cover any topic under the sun, from hard news to food reviews and far beyond. 

Check out this week’s feature to learn about some great podcasts to tune into, some of which are higher education-related, and others just for the sake of entertainment!

Ricky posing with a clarinet and oboe.

The Quarantunes of Ricky Roshell

Ricky Roshell is a jazz studies MA student in CCM. While COVID-19 has halted his live performances for the time being, Ricky is staying busy by arranging and recording videos of himself playing his favorite tunes. The catch? Ricky is the only performer. Think big WebEx conference call but with a rotating cast of woodwind instruments rather than people.

Check out this week’s feature to learn more about Ricky and his process for making these impressive performance videos.

Six Local Parks to Visit for a Much-Needed Brain Break

As the semester winds down, we students are likely spending the majority of our time cooped up inside, preparing for finals and self-distancing. Cincinnati Parks, citing the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, has established that parks should remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak, as long as visitors abide by social distancing guidelines. With so many great parks in the area, there are many opportunities to get outside and take in some fresh air.

In this week’s feature, check out some of our favorite local parks that remain open during COVID-19. For the safety of yourself and others, be sure to maintain those boundaries!

The Health Sciences GSA, which won the award for GSA of the Year.

Celebrating the Recipients of This Year's Excellence Awards

Despite the GSG’s Spring Ball being cancelled this year, The Graduate School still wanted to highlight the achievements of the recipients of the Graduate Student Excellence Awards. These awards celebrate the hard work of outstanding members of the graduate student community for exemplary scholarship, service, and more. The GSG's vice president, Mohan Pillai, says, "The committee, of course, had a difficult time deciding between the nominees; all the applicants were exceptional in their own way. Several meetings, many hours and a few pizzas later, the committee agreed upon the winners."

In this week’s feature, hear from some of the recipients on what it means to be recognized for their achievements.

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