Before You Apply

These Frequently Asked Questions are for students who are thinking about applying to a UC graduate program, but have not yet started an application.

The Graduate School does not employ general academic advisors for prospective students. We recommend that prospective students browse the Graduate Program Finder to find programs of interest.

To set up a campus tour or visit, you should directly contact your program of interest. Use the Graduate Program Finder to locate a contact person for your program of interest.

Because admission requirements, program start dates and application deadlines vary between programs, you will need to directly contact the Admissions Contact or Program Coordinator for the program to which you are interested in applying. Contact information for specific programs can be found using the graduate program finder.

*Students interested in the College of Engineering & Applied Science can contact for any application or admissions inquiries.

*Students interested in the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) can contact for any application or admission inquiries. 

Individual graduate programs are primarily responsible for dispensing fellowships, graduate assistantships and other funding. You can also find general information about funding through the Graduate School’s Funding Opportunities page. Additionally, the International Student Services website has information regarding funding available for international students

Because admissions decisions are determined by the individual graduate programs, you will need to directly contact the Admissions Contact or Program Coordinator for the program to which you are interested in applying. Use the graduate program finder to find the appropriate contact person for your program of interest.

Yes. You must complete a separate application for each program and pay the fee for each application. You must provide the required materials for each program. Each application requires separate, customized letters of recommendations. Letters of recommendation and materials submitted to one program will not be shared with other programs. 

There is no restriction on the number of programs to which a student may apply. 

A typical application to the University of Cincinnati will include the following parts:

  • A completed university online graduate application
  • Uploaded unofficial copies of all college transcripts
    • Official transcripts should only be submitted after an admissions decision has been made. Official transcripts sent prior to being requested will not be attached to the online application.
  • Letters of recommendation submitted through the online recommendation system
    • Recommenders can include former professors, employers and other professional individuals pertinent to the your field of study
    • You can manage recommendations in the application status page
  • Test scores from qualifying exams such as the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
  • International applicants: test scores from English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS (see also International Student Admissions)
  • A personal statement or letter of intent

When applicable, instructions for these documents are available in the online application. Contact your program of interest for more information on admission requirements.

You should plan on spending approximately 30 minutes to finish and review the form.

$65.00 for most colleges/programs
$130.00 for College-Conservatory of Music
$140.00 for the Physiology (MS) program
$75.00 for College of Engineering
$70.00 for the Psychology program
$20.00 for most graduate certificates

There is a $5 surcharge for international applications.

Three programs are granted application fee waivers by the Graduate School: 

  • McNair Scholars
  • State of Ohio STARS Scholars
  • GEM Scholars

To indicate your participation in one of these programs, check the appropriate button and add your advisor's name when completing the online application, then email documentation to Amy Robinson Wheeler at