Admission Criteria

The University of Cincinnati offers over 350+ graduate programs, including doctoral programs, master's programs, and graduate certificate programs. 

For our graduate programs, we welcome applications from students who hold a baccalaureate degree (or higher) from a college or university regarded as standard by a regional or general accrediting agency, and have at least a average in undergraduate course work (or otherwise give evidence of promise that is judged satisfactory by the admitting program and the Graduate School). 

Each graduate program is responsible for setting application requirements and admission criteria beyond the minimal requirements set by the university. Programs set their application deadlines, and they set their own schedule for making admission decisions. Programs have the authority to require certain pre-admission examinations, to require satisfactory completion of certain course work prior to admission, and to establish other pre-admission requirements. 

Admissions decisions are made by the program (not the Graduate School), and those decisions are final. 

The Application Video Essay

The Graduate School has added the ability to include a video essay in your application. This video essay is optional and is NOT a required part of any program's application process. In moving towards a more holistic admission practice, we added this video component to provide applicants the opportunity to demonstrate attributes that might not be revealed in the other application materials that have been submitted (e.g., GPA, GRE, recommendation letters, etc.). Prior to submitting your finished application, you may remove a recorded video from your application by pressing the "start over" link. Please visit your program's webpage to see if there is more information about how they will utilize this option.