The Fellows of the Graduate School

Call for Nomination of New Fellows

It is time to nominate individuals for membership in the Fellows of the Graduate School. The Membership Committee seeks nominations from all graduate colleges. While the majority of our current membership is from Arts and Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering, we believe that there are worthy candidates in all graduate colleges of the University. As a group, we reached qualified candidates in all of the Colleges last year and we hope to build on those efforts this year. Note that for new Fellows to receive university recognition at the Spring Awards Ceremony, nominations must be submitted by October 15, 2018.

Criteria for Election 

  • Full-time member of the active UC faculty at the time of election.
  • National or international professional stature.
  • Extensive record of graduate mentoring.
  • Extensive record of research, creative, or scholarly works in chosen field of work. This can include publications, exhibitions, presentations and other accomplishments. 

Nomination Procedure for 2018 (nomination deadline is October 15, 2018)

Letters of nomination should adhere to the specific reasons for consideration as described in the Criteria for Election.

Please submit these materials electronically to Lewis Owen ( as a single pdf file by October 15, 2018. 

The nomination package should include the following items:

  • Letter of nomination, from a Fellow.
  • Nomination form, which you can access here
  • Current cover letter.
  • Supporting letter(s) from one or more current Graduate Fellows
  • Up to four letters from external references. References from current and past collaborators, including former students, is strongly discouraged.

Nomination Submission and Election:

After the nomination deadline, nominees are elected to membership by a vote of the Fellows, followed by ratification by the Board of Trustees. Newly-elected Fellows are recognized formally at the University Awards ceremony which takes place each spring.