Electronic Thesis / Dissertation Information

Information Related to Master's Thesis Defenses and Doctoral Final Dissertation Defenses for Fall 2021

Update, July 16:

Following UC guidelines and the advice of UC officials, the Graduate School recommends resuming in-person public defenses for Fall Semester 2021, providing appropriate safety measures are followed.    

Please note:  

  • Any participant or attendee who is not fully vaccinated is required to wear appropriate facial covering and maintain social distancing.   
  • Campus visitors, such as friends and family of the student, are expected to comply with all UC health and safety guidelines.  
  • The student and committee may elect to hold the defense remotely if deemed appropriate, such as when one or more participants is high-risk. However, the defense must still be publicly available for the committee and other attendees, and the video conferencing software must allow for attendees (including non-UC persons) to ask questions.   

Preparing Your Electronic Thesis/Dissertation

Your ETD submission has specific requirements. You may need up to 6 weeks to prepare your thesis or dissertation for electronic submission. A suggested schedule is available below.

For more information about preparing and submitting your ETD, please see the Required Page OrderFormatting Guidelines and ETD FAQ pages. 

ETD submission deadlines are posted on the Graduation Deadlines page. If you miss the ETD deadline for your desired graduation term, you will not be able to graduate that term, and you will have to submit another graduation application for the following term.

Suggested ETD Timeline

Format Thesis

Verify Committee

  • Week 1 of term.
  • Allow 48 hours to complete.
  • If your committee is not found or if there is an error, contact your Graduate Program Coordinator. Your commitee will take 24 hours to update once corrected in the graduation system. Do not wait until the last minute! Other steps in the ETD process depend on this.

Announce Defense on Graduate School Website

  • Week 8 of term.
  • Recommended at least 2 weeks ahead of defense.
  • All doctoral students must announce their defense publicly on the Graduate School website prior to the day of defense. 
  • Announce your defense by logging into the Graduation Checklist and entering your defense information.

Acquire Committee Signatures

  • Week 9 of term.
  • Allow 1 week to complete.
  • You may need to make changes to your document based on your defense. After completing the changes, you must get the signatures of your committee members. Signatures must be original. Digital signatures on the form will be accepted. Faxed copies are not acceptable. You will scan the signed Committee Approval Form as a pdf and upload it as part of your ETD submission. Scanners are available in many UC computer labs and libraries.

Research Publishing Options and Copyrights

  • Week 10 of term.
  • Allow 24 hours to complete.
  • Discuss keywords and subject headings with your advisor. Choose up to five keywords and two subject headings.
  • View permissions and copyright.

Prepare ETD Submission for Chair Approval

  • Week 10 of term.
  • Allow 24 hours to complete.
  • Make sure "Submit to Chair" is checked in the navigation bar. You may need to remind your chair for electronic approval if he/she does not respond promptly.

Obtain Electronic Chair Approval

  • Week 10 of term.
  • Allow 1 week to complete.
  • Your chair is alerted via email that you have submitted your ETD for approval. Your chair will login to review your submission and may request changes. Be sure to leave time for any necessary corrections before the ETD deadline date.

Meeting the ETD Submission Deadline

  • Week 12 of term.
  • The Graduate School reviews each submission manually. This takes time. Do not call the Graduate School to check on the status of your ETD. You can check the status of your ETD by viewing the "Check Graduation Status" step on the checklist. If the Graduate School finds any problems with your submission, you will receive an email alert. All issues must be resolved by the Graduate School deadline. Comments about any issues with your submission will appear on the comment summary page when you login to the "Submit ETD" step on the checklist.