Master's Degree Policies and Procedures

Course of Study

The course of study for the master’s degree is planned with the advisor and is subject to approval by the program graduate committee or its equivalent. It must show a reasonable degree of concentration on interrelated subjects.

Programs will recommend students for degrees only after students have developed and demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills and have fulfilled all other university requirements. At least once an academic year, the graduate program director or the graduate student’s advisor shall inform the student in writing of their academic progress in the master’s degree program. An annual Academic Progress Report or some other form of formal evaluation of progress is required throughout each student’s program.

Students must take a minimum of one graduate credit that contributes to degree requirements (as determined by the graduate program) per academic year (fall-summer) to maintain active status. If a student does not maintain active status, they may apply for reinstatement within three years or apply for readmission to their program thereafter. There are fees associated with these steps. (See Maintaining Graduate Student Status, Reinstatements and Readmission.)