Graduate Assistant/Fellow Health Insurance Awards

Academic programs are required to provide eligible students with information on the Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI) award, which can subsidize the cost of UC Student Health Insurance for qualified students. The Graduate School offers two types of health insurance awards. Award A applies in the fall semester and continues to apply to the spring semester health insurance costs if the student qualifies in the spring semester. Award B applies ONLY to spring semester health insurance costs. To qualify for these award funds, the student must apply by the relevant deadline and be in a UC-employed, graduate assistantship or fellowship position (not hourly) that pays a minimum of $2,400 per term through UC payroll.

The amount of support available through the GSHI award varies each year, so refer to the Graduate Student Health Insurance Award webpage for details about the amount offered in the current academic year. If the student receives a health insurance award, a credit will be put towards his/her UC health insurance costs at the start of each semester he/she is eligible for the award.

Programs are responsible for notifying graduate assistants/fellows to apply for the GSHI Award by providing them the application deadline and relevant details on GSHI Award criteria, and keeping records that they have provided this information to their students. Such information can be found at the Graduate Student Health Insurance Award webpage.

NOTE: Students who fail to maintain award eligibility will have their award removed. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the program that sponsors their Graduate Assistantship to make sure that the assistantship meets all criteria of the GSHI Award as outlined at the Graduate Student Health Insurance Award webpage.