Grade Changes

A change of grade is only appropriate for an I, an NG, an SP/UP, or an error made by the instructor. Instructors may change an I or NG grade online for one calendar year minus eight days. To request a change of grade for a non-research course for graduate credit after this period, or an F grade any time, the instructor must do an official, paper change of grade form and forward to the Director of the Graduate School along with a reason for requesting the grade change. The Director will approve or deny the request after consideration of the reason for the change. SP/UP grades must be converted to a final grade by the end of the following semester. SP grades should no longer be used as long-term placeholders while students complete long term projects.

An SP grade should only be used for short-term extensions to allow completion of specific assignments. Students should be graded for the semester based on their progress/achievements in that semester.

Previously recorded grades may not be changed to W since W reflects an official withdrawal that took place by the 58th calendar day of classes and would already have been recorded for the student. It is also not appropriate for any recorded grades or registration status to be changed to W. Students cannot withdraw from a class retroactively. If an F is in a non-required course or the required course has since been retaken for a passing grade, the Program Director at certification may request a waiver of the F grade from the Associate University Dean.

If a student is assigned an I (incomplete) in a course, he/she has one year in which to complete the course requirements and earn a grade. If the student completes his/her course requirements within the year, to the instructor’s satisfaction and the agreement previously set between the instructor and student the instructor changes the I to a letter grade online as described above. If the student does not meet the instructor’s requirements, the I automatically converts to an I/F after one year. Once the I/F is on the transcript it can only be removed if the course instructor determines that a change of grade is appropriate and then forwards an official, paper change of grade form to the Director of the Graduate School with a rationale for the change. The change is subject to the approval of the Director of the Graduate School.

Just as a student cannot withdraw from a course retroactively (i.e., after the semester is over), he or she may not arrange for an Incomplete “I” grade after the close of the term. In other words, both I and W grades must be arranged by the student with the instructor while the course and semester are still in progress, and cannot be awarded retroactively.