Grade Changes

A change of grade is only appropriate for an I, an NG, an SP/UP, or an error made by the instructor. SP/UP grades must be converted to a final grade by the end of the following semester. Instructors may change an I or NG grade online in Catalyst for approximately one year (the interval extends from the initial grading semester to the last working day of the same term the following year). To request a change of grade for a non-research course for graduate credit after this period, or an F grade any time, the instructor must do an official, paper change of grade form and forward to the Registrar’s Office.

Previously recorded grades may not be changed to W or I after the close of the term. Both I and W grades must be awarded while the course and semester are still in progress and cannot be awarded retroactively. W reflects an official withdrawal that took place by the deadline outlined in the academic calendar, and I indicates work remains to be completed and the student did not earn a final grade. Students cannot withdraw from a class retroactively or be given additional opportunities to seek a different final grade retroactively. If an F is in a non-required course or the required course has since been retaken for a passing grade, the Program Director at certification may request a waiver of the F grade from the Associate University Dean of the Graduate College.