Graduate Certificate Programs

Several departments and colleges at the University of Cincinnati offer graduate certificate programs. In some instances, certificates can be earned only in conjunction with a degree; in other programs, a master’s degree is a prerequisite. Some certificates can be earned separately outside of a degree program. Applicants must apply for admission to a certificate program at

Graduate School general guidelines are as follows:

  • Students must hold a baccalaureate degree.
  • Certificate programs may enroll degree seeking and non-degree seeking students.
  • Credit hours earned under a certificate program may count toward a degree in any program if approved by the program director, and if requirements for the certificate and degree are completed the student will be awarded both. Credits earned while matriculated in a certificate program will count as credits matriculated in a degree.
  • Students can apply a single course to multiple certificates but only to ONE master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Students can obtain more than one certificate within the same program prior to attaining their master’s degree. To enroll in a certificate program, applicants must complete the application at StartMyApplication. Non-refundable application fees are only accepted online and payable by credit card or electronic check.
  • Students enrolled only in a graduate certificate program are not eligible for tuition or stipend support with funds from the Graduate School.

If a student is interested, she or he should contact the appropriate program office to obtain the unique criteria and prerequisites for the desired program. Please see the Graduate School website for a complete listing of certificate programs.