Students who have not been registered for at least one graduate credit hour at UC that contributes to degree requirements (as determined by the graduate program) in an academic year (fall-summer) are considered inactive. Reinstatements are available to students who have been inactive for less than three academic years. Students who have not been enrolled for any credits in their graduate program for three or more consecutive academic years are not eligible for reinstatement and must apply for readmission to the university. (See Readmission.) Readmission is processed via the reinstatement petition in Gradtracker. Applications submitted by the student via the admissions system will not be accepted. 

To request reinstatement, a program must petition the Graduate College on behalf of the student. Prior to the program petitioning the Graduate College for a reinstatement, the student must communicate with the student’s program advisor and/or director to review the student’s degree completion to date and form a plan for degree completion. The program coordinator, director or advisor will begin the reinstatement process in Gradtracker. The originator of the petition in Gradtracker will upload documents in one pdf to include degree completion information to date and a written plan for degree completion. The Graduate College will review the packet and if approved the student will also need to approve the petition and fee.

If a student wishes to be reinstated so they can register and take classes, reinstatement petitions must be submitted in Gradtracker prior to the start of the first day of the term to be eligible for reinstatement in that term. Petitions received before the census date (the 15th calendar day of the term)  the term may be considered for the current term. Petitions received after the census date will be considered for the following term. 

If a student wishes to be reinstated so they can graduate without taking any further classes, petitions for reinstatement (and extensions) must be submitted in Gradtracker no later than 3 weeks prior to graduation for the student to be certified for graduation in that semester. Petitions received after this time will not be approved in time for graduation that same semester. Late petitions will be held through the next processing period and a decision will be granted in time for the next graduation.

A reinstatement fee equal to the current tuition for one graduate credit for each of the unregistered years up to a maximum of 3 years is assessed. The reinstatement fee will be added to the student’s bursar account and will become part of the student bill. Reinstatement fees are due 30 days after formal approval unless a payment plan is agreed to with the bursar’s office. If the fee is not paid by the due date, service charges may accrue, a block may be placed on future registrations and/or on the release of UC diplomas and official transcripts, and the account may be sent to collections.