GetInvolvedUC: Linking UC's Graduate Community

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Written by Susan Helmick, Graduate Assistant for the Graduate College

“There are a variety of opportunities housed within GetInvolvedUC that are specifically catered toward graduate and professional students.” This statement marks a big change in how we traditionally view campus life. GetInvolvedUC isn't just a platform for undergraduate student events. It’s also a vital resource for graduate student opportunities offered by organizations such as the Graduate College, alongside essential groups like the Women's Center, LGBTQ Center, and African American Cultural and Resource Center, among others. The platform features a diverse range of options, from workshops and community building to networking functions and skill development, to boost both personal and career growth. With hundreds of upcoming events catered to various interests and aspirations, there's bound to be something for everyone, beginning with programs from the Graduate College.

In a recent conversation with Kristin Ford, Director of the Center for Student Involvement at the University of Cincinnati, we explored the benefits of student involvement, and the pivotal role of platforms like GetInvolvedUC in shaping the university experience for graduate students. Here's an insightful look at our discussion:

Can you provide a brief overview of GetInvolvedUC and its key features for graduate students who may be new to the platform?

GetInvolvedUC is an online community for UC students to discover opportunities to get involved on campus, join student organizations, and see all campus events in one place.

What are the core values that guide the center's approach to purposeful student engagement?

The Center for Student Involvement’s purpose is to create connections, build community, and develop leaders.  The core values that guide our work include inclusive community, leadership, engagement, advocacy, and discovery.

How does the Center for Student Involvement incorporate leadership development into its programs and initiatives?

Leadership development is a key pillar in the Center for Student Involvement’s work. Whether within the student organization community or larger campus programs, leadership development is weaved into all aspects of the resources and services we provide.  We have a wide variety of specific leadership programs that happen annually, including Leadership Week, that really home in on how students can continue to enhance their skills.  Visit our website to learn more!

Can you provide examples of how participation in these activities contributes to the development of skills sought after by employers?

Participation in co-curricular activities can develop a wide variety of skills employers are seeking. While some of our events and programs explicitly provide tangible learning outcomes, many provide students with transferrable skills that they will be able to reference in a job interview. Examples of these skills might include communication, time management, conflict resolution, event planning, and more.

How has GetInvolvedUC evolved to better meet the needs of graduate students specifically?

As the popularity of the platform has grown, we’ve seen a large increase in the number of users that log into GetInvolvedUC daily.  We are excited to share that we have representation on the platform from almost every college and more than 50 university departments. This allows us to truly showcase all that is available to our student population.  With the increased visibility of the platform, it allows us to highlight graduate student organizations and programming in ways that we haven’t been able to before. We are excited to see this continue to grow as more graduate students begin to recognize the benefits of GetInvolvedUC.

Are there specialized events or resources that cater specifically to the academic and professional aspirations of graduate students?

There are a variety of opportunities housed within GetInvolvedUC that are specifically catered toward graduate and professional students. If students are looking for these opportunities, they can search “graduate student” in the GetInvolvedUC search bar to learn more about specific events and resources. The Graduate College has a GetInvolvedUC page and is a great place to start!

Besides student organizations, how can graduate students use GetInvolvedUC to explore other opportunities such as workshops, networking events, or professional development activities?

While home to student organizations, GetInvolvedUC also showcases campus events from university colleges, departments, and student organizations.  Students can utilize the platform to search for a particular event or specific themes that may be interesting to them. Currently, the system has over 450 upcoming events from which students can choose!

Are there upcoming developments or features in the pipeline that will further enhance the platform's usefulness for students?

The platform continues to expand and grow with updates happening frequently to enhance the user experience. We are excited about the potential for GetInvolvedUC and continue to explore how it can best meet the needs of our student population.


For graduate students just stepping into this space, the Center for Student Involvement and GetInvolvedUC serve as a comprehensive resource to discover opportunities, connect with student organizations, and stay updated on campus events—all conveniently centralized in one place. In the dynamic world of higher education, platforms like GetInvolvedUC are essential tools, linking students to numerous possibilities while promoting meaningful student engagement that fosters leadership, inclusivity, and growth. Don't miss out– be sure to follow the Graduate College on GetInvolvedUC for the latest updates tailored especially for graduate students!