The Bearcat's Declassified Resource Survival Guide

Campus can be an overwhelming place when you are first trying to navigate the many buildings, offices, and campus resources available to you. Luckily, the Bearcat has put together this list of resources and services that will help guide you to where you need to go for whatever needs you may have. 

The Bearcat advising a student on the many resources available to them on campus.

Graduate Tutoring at the Academic Writing Center

The Learning CommonsAcademic Writing Center (AWC) is a great resource for any of your academic needs. If you are unable to get the help you need from professors or peers within your program, the best place to go next would be the AWC. They offer support and resources for any course regardless of the discipline it falls under. 

Need help with a difficult class? Seek assistance from the AWC’s graduate tutoring services. Working on a particularly grueling paper and need a second set of eyes? Send it to be edited by the expert staff in the AWC or attend one of the writing workshops they host throughout the year.

The AWC opens for fall services on Monday, August 30th, but you can start making your appointments today via the AWC's website. The AWC is located at Langsam Library in room 401N.  

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers individual and group therapy sessions, as well as a variety of other counseling services. CAPS is providing primarily virtual services for Fall 2021. If you are an enrolled UC student in Ohio, you can schedule a free, 30 minute, stand alone telehealth session at CAPS. If you are outside of Ohio, check out their online mental health resource section on the CAPS homepage about their out-of-state services.

If you are unsure whether or not you require traditional counseling, you can attend one of their Let’s Talk programs. These are less-formal sessions and allow for a brief 15-20 minute conversation where counselors can offer quick support and suggestions without the need to schedule in advance. 

The CAPS office is located at 225 Calhoun Street, Suite 200, above Target, although they are currently closed to the public. They also have a 24/7 crisis helpline which can be reached at 513-556-0648.

Gender Equity & Inclusion (Title IX)

The Gender Equity & Inclusion Office (Title IX) is the place to go if you need to report a gender-based crime or discrimination. These issues should be taken seriously and if you or someone you know is affected by them, do not hesitate to reach out for help.

It is important to note that the GEIO officers are mandatory reporters, meaning they must report these incidents up to the proper university personnel. If you wish to retain confidentiality, you can submit an anonymous report on their website. Women Helping Women is an organization that operates in Hamilton and Butler, OH counties and handles these types of issues, but they are not mandated reporters.

OGEI is currently working remotely. Contact them Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call at 513-556-3349 or send an email to


The Office of the University Ombuds provides conflict resolution for the UC community. They deal with issues between students or staff members such as campus concerns, disputes, and other problems. They act as a neutral third party that will listen to your concerns and help come up with a proper solution to work towards. If you find that you are asking yourself one of the following questions, Ombuds would be a good place to go to help find answers:

  • Can they do that?
  • Who do I talk to?
  • I'm lost in the bureaucracy.
  • Am I misreading the situation?
  • What are my options?  

The Ombuds Office is open for scheduled appointments. Contact them at 513-556-5956.  

Student Wellness Center

A great resource on campus that is promoting health in all its forms is the Student Wellness Center. They provide many different forms of support for students, whether it be advocating for a safe environment through their Bystander Intervention Training, providing Peer Financial Coaching, or encouraging safe sex practices with their Gotcha Covered initiative. The Student Wellness Center offers free HIV testing to students on the first Monday of each month, and also gives out free condoms in their office.

The Student Wellness Center is located at 675 Steger Student Life Center and is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, during fall semester 2021; their staff is very friendly and welcomes conversation about anything you may need!  

Students taking a break in front of Steger Student Life Center on Main Street.

Students taking a break in front of Steger Student Life Center on Main Street. Steger is home to many important resources and offices on campus.

Women's Center

The UC Women’s Center is the primary support on campus for women. They host programming and events that promote and celebrate women; these functions are based around their three pillars: action, justice, and connection. In addition to events such as Love Your Body Week and the Black Feminist Symposium, the Women’s Center also has a lounge in their office where they create a space for conversation and support. The Women’s Center’s goal is to give women the tools and resources they need to overcome any inequalities they may face and to help foster a more inclusive environment that values equity.

Visit the Women’s Center at 571 Steger Student Life Center.   

LGBTQ Center

The LGBTQ Center offers resources and support for students in the LGBTQ community and its allies. They advocate for a diverse community that values all of its members and welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Throughout the year, they host events such as a UC Pride Walk and the Lavender Graduation.

The LGBTQ center can be reached at 565 Steger Student Life Center or by calling 513-556-0009.  

African American Cultural and Resource Center

The African American Cultural and Resource Center (AACRC) is an office that fosters an inclusive environment for education and leadership through the understanding of the Black experience. They focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere that promotes lively conversation, leadership development, and academic success.

At the beginning of each year, the AACRC hosts the Akwaaba Black Student Welcome event, which helps introduce attendees to their program, peers, campus resources, and student organizations. They also host other large events such as Kuamka – a week-long event focused on giving students a platform to promote ideas and create conversation – and the Afro-centric Tyehimba Graduation.

The AACRC is located at 60 W. Charlton.  

The Office of Ethnic Programs and Services

The Office of Ethnic Programs and Services (EPS) advocates for a culturally inclusive university through the use of intentional programming and services. Their mission is as follows:    

  • Enhance the cultural, ethnic, and racial awareness of the entire university community  
  • Support the needs, growth, and development of students of color  
  • Build bridges between the university and the community  
  • Address the academic, social, spiritual and cultural needs of the campus community    

In addition to hosting identity-based initiatives such as Bearchats and Worldfest, EPS also promotes academic excellence with a scholarship through the Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program.

The EPS office is located at 555 Steger Student Life Center.  

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources is an office on campus that works to create an equitable campus environment for all students. They work with professors and university administrators to help give students the resources and support they need to find success in classes and in campus life. They accommodate Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and other types of service animals to students who get clearance through the request form on their website. In addition, Accessibility Resources works to make all of the university’s electronic services accessible to all students.

Contact Accessibility Resources by calling them at 513-556-6823 or by visiting their office at 210 University Pavilion.  


NightRide Shuttle is a service dedicated to safe transportation during the evening hours. NightRide is a free shuttling service that operates every night of the week from 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. It makes regular stops at 15 sites within a one-mile-radius of campus. You no longer need to request a ride, but can track the shuttles current location at the NightRide webpage. You must wear an approved facial covering and show your UC ID to ride.

Written by Chris Pasion, graduate assistant to The Graduate School.