A Visual Tour of West Campus' Many Libraries

Written and photographed by Chris Pasion and Luna Amin, graduate assistants to The Graduate School.

Everyone is familiar with Langsam, the flagship library that is shown off on campus tours, with its countless resources and remarkable collections. To ignore the rest of the historic libraries on campus, however, would be a crime. There are many hidden gems peppered throughout campus which offer specialized resources and unique changes of scenery for the curious Bearcat. If you are the type of student who needs to study in different places to be productive, then this is the list for you. 

Langsam library exterior
Langsam Library 2
Langsam Library 1

Blegen Library packs three libraries into one building - the Archives and Rare Books Library, CCM Library, and the Classics Library - each of which specializes in different genres and periods to compile in their collections.

Blegen Library
The entrance to the CCM Library
Classics Library 1
Classics Library 3
Classics Library
A photo of the Engineering library
CECH Library
Chem-Bio Library
Chem-Bio Library 1
DAAP Library
DAAP Library 3
DAAP Library 2
DAAP Library 1
DAAP Library 4
Geometry-Physics Library
Geometry-Physics Library 2
Geometry-Physics Library 1
A student walking under and arch in the Law Library
A multi-level view of the Law Library
A photo of the Law library