Keep Active from Anywhere with UC Campus Rec

Written by Chris Pasion, graduate assistant to The Graduate School.

A closeup image of two lines of rope leading back to a person who is working out with them.

UC’s Campus Recreation Center is an incredible resource for staying active and getting your workout on, even if you’re far away from campus these days. While the rec center is phasing back to their normal programming on campus, they’ve also been amassing great online fitness programs over the course of the pandemic that are able to be accessed for free anywhere at any time. If you are someone who appreciates guided workouts or is just looking for some new routines to add to your fitness schedule, be sure to check out the content that campus rec is putting out online.

The rec center’s YouTube channel has become a great platform for all kinds of fitness activities, from bodyweight exercises to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and even cycling and bedtime yoga. Fitness instructors and personal trainers upload videos to the channel multiple times a week, and the platform has reached over 250 videos with a rotating cast of teachers leading lessons for a variety of fitness levels. Check out the channel’s playlists to filter down to exactly the types of lessons you are looking for, because there is a lot of content to dig through!

Another way to engage in the rec’s online programming is with their Instagram profile, which hosts live streams four days a week (videos are also posted after the stream concludes in case you miss them). These streams can be a fun way to work with an instructor in real time in a virtual group setting. The streams currently feature HIIT workouts, cardio, and core, among others. Follow along on Instagram @UCCampusRec.

In addition to the rec’s online offerings, the rec center’s physical facility is one of the best gyms in Cincinnati, so if you’re around the Queen City this summer, definitely pay it a visit––but mask up if you haven’t received a vaccine yet. Reservations are no longer required to use most areas of the facility, although there is still a capacity to the number of people in the gym at any given time. Group fitness classes have also made a return to campus outdoors this summer over at Sigma Sigma Commons, and the current class offerings include a bootcamp session and Pilates. Visit the rec center’s website for more info and updates.

But before you get your gym shoes on, you should also know that UC is a participating school in the 2021 National Recreation Movement, which features loads of fitness courses from schools across the country. The movement’s website allows you to track your workout minutes, logging them on the site and comparing them to other schools that are participating. UC is currently #48 on the leaderboard, so if competition helps get you moving, definitely be sure to log your hours so UC can rise up the ranks!