Prayer and Meditation for UC Students

Located in Langsam Library, room 451, a new space is available for students and faculty to find much needed reflection. UC Libraries has collaborated with UC Student Government (both undergrad and graduate) to create the new Prayer and Mediation room in Langsam Library. The room is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The idea for a new prayer and meditation space came about when UC Student Government noticed that peer institutions had similar rooms available for their students. And not just simply meditation rooms—UC already had one of those, however, it wasn’t open 24/7—but a prayer and meditation intentionally designed to respect every individual’s beliefs and spiritual needs. 

“To make sure it was inclusive we sent out a survey to organizations to ask what they would want to see in the room,” says undergraduate student body vice president, Umaize Savani. “After compiling that data I worked with UC Interfaith Coalition to see how we could make this space more inclusive. I want this space to serve as a place students can go to de-stress, relax, pray and meditate.”

The room offers students the chance to escape the stress of everyday life and spend time in a safe space, with full focus on silent reflection and prayer. The room is full of spiritual resources: prayer beads, yoga mats, prayer rugs, and religious texts ranging from the Bible to the Quran to the Torah. 

This space represents the ideals UC continuously upholds: to constantly provide inclusivity, acceptance, and respect for all forms of belief.

Please remember this room is not for lounging or studying. It is meant for intentional reflection and spiritual thought. 

Written by Danniah Daher