Best Fall Activities: According to UC Students

Fall is one of the most enjoyable seasons in Cincinnati—the temperature is perfect, the air is crisp, and the changing autumn leaves signal even better possibilities to come. While you’re no doubt busy with school, there’s plenty of fun things to do around the city that you should take advantage of before the cool temps turn frigid (because, let's be honest, winter always comes a little too fast in the Queen City). We asked UC grad students to tell us their favorite fall activities and their answers did not disappoint (spoiler alert: lots of food, breweries, and hot chocolate). 

Maria Rockett smiles in front of TUC.

"Fall is my favorite season due to the trifecta of late-night bonfires, slipper socks being socially acceptable once more, and the resurgence of Aglamesis' cinnamon ice cream."

Maria Rockett, MA Mental Health Counseling 

Emily Dawson smiles in front of Van Wormer.

"Cincinnati has some amazing breweries, and one of my favorite fall activities is tasting all of their seasonal beers. It's so nice to take a break from class and head to OTR, Oakley, or Northern KY for some good food and beer. Plus, Cincinnatians love their dogs, and always let me pet them!"

Emily Dawson, MA Professional Writing  

Arun Muthusamy smiles in front of McMicken.

"My favorite fall activity is ice-skating. I always wait expectantly till the ice skating rink is set up downtown at Fountain Square so that I can go skate. There is also a Graeter's right next to the square so even more reason to go there. Also, I love sipping hot chocolate when temperatures drop!"

Arun Muthusamy, MA Educational Studies, MS Biology 

Vidhya Anand poses on campus.

"I love fall. Although I do prefer summer to fall, given that I've mostly lived in a tropical city back in India, I think fall is beautiful! The weather is just perfect, not too cold, not too warm—and always calls for a mug of hot chocolate. I think the best possible activity I enjoy during fall is taking a road trip. It's calming to drive into the country side, to another city, or the mountains. I did a quick road trip to Chicago last week from Cincinnati, and the landscapes were beautiful. Other than road trips, I think it's wonderful to build a bonfire over the weekends in your backyard or visit a haunted house around Halloween. Top to-do fall activities on my list include hiking and touring a winery, perhaps!" 

Vidhya Anand, MBA, Lindner College of Business

Stacha Yundt smiles in front of CCM Circle.

"Every year we go to Blooms and Berries in Loveland. We shop in their little store, visit with their goats, go through the corn maze, and then take a hayride to the pumpkin patch. I look forward to it all year long."

Stacha Yundt, MA Professional Writing 

Written by Danniah Daher, graduate assistant to the graduate school office.