Elevating Higher Education Online

Written By: Susan Helmick Graduate Assistant for the Graduate College  

A child with headphones in a red hoodie looking at a laptop screen

The rapid evolution of the internet, coupled with a years-long pandemic, necessitated that education make significant and rapid transformations beyond traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms. The digital realm has opened a myriad of opportunities to access knowledge and skills from almost anywhere at any time. National Online Learning Day, celebrated on September 15, is a moment to recognize the impact of online learning and UC’s role as an early pioneer in how students access knowledge and earn their degrees.

Accelerated by the events of 2020, online learning has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity over the last decade. Forced to pivot instruction methods due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions quickly adapted to remote learning and online education became mainstream almost overnight. As one of the first institutions to teach online courses, University of Cincinnati was better prepared than most. In fact, in 1987, UC officially activated the domain name Truly UC was first so you could be next!

While the pandemic was an unfortunate catalyst for change, it also demonstrated the multiple benefits of online learning, with accessibility being one of the most significant. Online learning removes geographical barriers, enabling anyone to access high-quality education no matter their location. It’s also extremely flexible, with self-paced options allowing students to customize learning to fit their schedule and learn at their own speed. The diverse range of courses and programs, is also a plus, ensuring something for everyone. Online courses are also often more cost effective, making education more accessible to a broader demographic while providing interactive elements, like three dimensional, true-to-life virtual labs, that might not be readily available in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.

Celebrating National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day is a reminder of the transformative power of online education. As technology continues to evolve, online education will play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the future of learning and empowering individuals worldwide. It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge online educators who have gone above and beyond to make learning engaging and effective.

An innovator in the world of online instruction for more than 20 years, University of Cincinnati offers multiple graduate degrees entirely online, as well as a curated list of program-specific E-resources for various learning styles, preferences, and academic goals to empower students on their educational journey. Visit Online Learning Strategies for downloadable resources, videos, and external tools, or click on the links below for recommendations and information from UC on how to make the best of the online education experience. Happy e-learning!