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Award Opportunities

Student in a medical lab.
Two students work on a research project.
Geology student holds up a fossil.

The Graduate School office sponsors awards, fellowships, scholarships and assistantships for deserving students.

In addition, the Graduate School offers the Excellence in Mentoring award to recognize an oustanding faculty member who has provided superior guidance to graduate students. 

Additionally, many public and private organizations provide fellowships and scholarships for graduate students. Please see the Fulbright fellowship page, the Nationally Competitive Awards page and the NSF GRFP page for more information.

Recent Graduate Student Award Winners

2015 Excellence in Teaching Award

Vanessa Plumly, German Studies (A&S) doctoral student

Kyle Borkowski, Romance Languages and Literatures (A&S) master's student

College Awardees
  • A&S: Janine Morris, English and Comparative Literature, PhD student
  • Business: Ashley Otto, Marketing, PhD student
  • CAHS: Sarah Hamilton, CSD, PhD student
  • CCM: Will Ayers, Music Theory, PhD student
  • CCM: Ainsley Holz, Music Education, MM student
  • CEAS: Vignesh Subbian, Computer Science and Engineering, PhD student 
  • CECH: Angelica Hardee, Health Education, PhD student 

UC Nominee for the 2014-15 MAGS Distinguished Thesis Award

Gavin A. D Souza, MS Mechanical Engineering
Influence of Serial Coronary Stenoses on Diagnostic Parameters: An In-vitro Study with Numerical Validation

Ainsley E. Lambert, MA Sociology
Applying & Deciding: Students' Perceptions of the Role of Parents and Schools in the College Enrollment Process 

UC Nominees for the CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award

Changseok Han, Environmental Engineering and Science, PhD
Monitoring and Removal of Water Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Development of A Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Based-Biosensor and Highly Tailor-Designed Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts

Parastu Kasaie Sharifi, Operations and Business Analytics, PhD
Agent-Based Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Disease Epidemics and Implications for Policy

2014-15 Yates Scholars Program Recipients

Scholars College Program Degree
Gabriela Elizondo Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Community Planning MCP
Corinne Foley Medicine
Medical Scientist Training Program PhD
Stephanie Larios Business Economics MA
Lauren McKinney Allied Health Sciences
Communication Sciences and Disorders MA
Steven Milloy College-Conservatory of Music
Choral Conducting MM
Brenda Peynado Arts & Sciences English & Comparative Literature PhD
Brandon Sweeting Arts & Sciences Mathematics PhD
Shawn Wallace College-Conservatory of Music
Saxophone DMA

2014 Graduate Poster Forum Winners

  • Syed Abbas, Civil Engineering, PhD
  • Ayse Arslanargin, Physics, PhD
  • Clifford Cookman, Molecular, Cellular & Biochemical Pharmacology, PhD
  • Anna Daigle, Chemistry, PhD
  • Michelle Dietz, Germanic Languages & Literature, MA
  • Parasto Alsadat Kasaie Sharifi, Business Administration, PhD 
  • Sung Doo Kim, Business Administration, PhD & Daniele Bologna, Psychology, PhD
  • Jeremy Kinder, Immunobiology, PhD
  • Anish Kizhakkekkara Vadukoot, Chemistry, PhD
  • Andrew Schriner, Environmental Engineering, PhD
  • Moen Sen, Molecular & Developmental Biology, PhD
  • Shatrunjai Singh, Molecular & Developmental Biology, PhD  
  • Zhuting Sun, Physics, PhD 
  • Michelle Walker, Fine Arts, MFA

2014 Graduate School Dean's Fellowship

The Graduate School Dean's Fellowship awards up to five fellowships annually to doctoral students in the final year of degree work to support superior scholarship that enhances the reputation of their program, department and the University of Cincinnati. Each award includes a $20,000 fellowship and a full one-year tuition scholarship.

Emily Egan, Department of Classics, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Nicole Lyon, Department of History, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Amy Engevik, Systems Biology & Physiology Program, College of Medicine
Steven Gilday, Biomedical Engineering Program, College of Engineering and Applied Science
Peggy Shannon-Baker, Educational Studies Program, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services