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Thank you for your interest in the Graduate School at the University of Cincinnati. As a graduate student at UC, you will join a diverse community of students enrolled at one of the nation's top public universities. Choosing the right graduate school for you is an important decision, and in this section you can learn more about our degree programs, admissions criteria and funding opportunities.

Preparing to Apply

Ready to Apply

Apply to a graduate program.

Apply at Graduate Program Admissions Application

The Graduate School has added the ability to include a video essay in your application. This video essay is optional and is NOT a required part of any program’s application process. In moving towards a more holistic admission practice, we added this video component to provide applicants the opportunity to demonstrate attributes that might not be revealed in the other application materials that have been submitted (e.g., GPA, GRE, recommendation letters, etc.). Prior to submitting your finished application, you may remove a recorded video from your application by pressing the “start over” link. Please visit your program’s webpage to see if there is more information about how they will utilize this option.


I've applied. What's next?

Check my application status.

Use Application Management to check your application status. 


Only Taking A Class or Two?

Students can take classes at UC without being enrolled in a UC degree program. This status is officially called "non-matriculated," which is a traditional academic term meaning "not enrolled in a degree program."

Before you register for classes, you must complete the Basic Data Form. This form enables the UC Registrar to update or create your student record. After you submit the Basic Data Form, it will take a day or two for your information to be entered into our student database. You will then be able to register for classes. 

Graduate Studies at UC

Video created by Professor Kevin Burke, MFA