Credit Hour Requirements

The doctoral degree requires a minimum of three years of full-time graduate study in the student’s degree program and either a minimum of 90 graduate credits beyond the bachelor’s degree or a minimum of 60 credits beyond a master’s degree, including at least 7 hours in dissertation research. Some program credit requirements may be higher.

Credits earned in professional law or medicine programs are not applicable to a graduate degree. The last 30 credits must be completed under the direction of University of Cincinnati graduate faculty. In no case, however, will a degree be granted solely on the basis of the accumulation of the required number of credits. A program will recommend students for degrees only after they have developed the necessary intellectual maturity and have fulfilled all other requirements of the program and the university.

Students enrolled in full-time graduate study must register for a minimum of ten graduate credit hours per semester. Students receiving scholarships must register for the number of graduate credit hours each semester for which they are funded. Students receiving university-sponsored assistantships or fellowships must register for a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours for each semester they are funded. To maintain graduate status, students must register in their program for at least one graduate credit hour in each academic year.