Graduate School Dean's Fellowship

The Graduate School Dean's Fellowship typically awards five fellowships annually to doctoral students in the final year of degree work to support superior scholarship that enhances the reputation of their program, department and the University of Cincinnati. 

The recipients of this award are recommended by a faculty committee and sanctioned by the dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Marshall “Chip” Montrose. The awards are presented spring semester, and each award includes a $20,000 fellowship and a full one-year tuition scholarship.

Current Award Cycle

To be eligible for this award, students must have an established dissertation committee and plan to have all coursework completed by the beginning of fall semester 2018. The fellowship requires a commitment of two semesters of full-time dissertation work. Therefore, students who will graduate prior to spring 2019 are not eligible. Students who will be ineligible for university funding in fall 2018 or spring 2019 due to the 174 graduate credit rule are also ineligible for this award.

Nominations are limited to one from each doctoral program and are made by the graduate program director in consultation with program faculty. The director’s letter of nomination must provide reasonable assurance that the dissertation is proceeding on schedule for graduation in spring term 2019 or summer term 2019. Students on track to graduate at a later date are not eligible for this award cycle. 

Nominations will be due to the Graduate School on December 14 by 5 p.m. The programs and nominators are responsible for submitting all requested materials for the fellowship. Programs will NOT be notified if materials are missing and the nominee will NOT be allowed to add anything missing or update materials after the deadline. Announcement of awardees will be made by January 17, 2018. Please direct questions to  

Submission Requirements

  1. Letter of nomination by the graduate program director (as part of the letter, the director must provide reasonable assurance that the dissertation is proceeding on schedule for graduation in the spring 2019 or summer 2019 term).
  2. Statement from program providing the student’s total earned graduate credit hours (as of the end of current semester, 17FS) and the number of credit hours the student is planning to take for the 2018 spring and summer semesters.
  3. A recommendation letter from the student’s dissertation chair stating the student’s qualifications for the award and potential for leadership in the discipline.
  4. At least one other letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with the student’s academic and creative or research/scholarly accomplishments.
  5. Student submission of a statement (up to two pages) describing creative and/or scholarly accomplishments, especially the significance in the discipline.
  6. A two-page resume that includes current contact information for the student.
  7. Student submission of plans (up to two pages) for the dissertation work during the fellowship year, including (a) approximate date of dissertation defense and graduation term and (b) number of credits still required to complete the degree before the start of academic year 2018–19.
  8. A PDF copy of one representative paper given at meetings of the student’s society and/or academic journal publications or other media that features creative work.

Fellowship Responsibilities

  • Register full-time (12 credits or more) for fall and spring semester, 2018-19.
  • Register for ENGL 9010, Interdisciplinary Dissertation Workshop course, taught by Laura Micciche, for the 2018 Maymester term or the 2018 fall semester. (The course is not offered spring semester.)
  • No teaching or research employment at UC or elsewhere.
  • Preparation and delivery in March or April 2019 of a conference-style paper, performance or exhibition at a seminar or colloquium in the student’s program of study.
  • Acknowledgement of the Graduate School Dean's Fellowship in publications resulting from work done during the fellowship year.