Call for Applications to Cohort #5 at the UC Venture Lab at the 1819 Innovation Hub

Graduate students are invited to apply to the fifth cohort for UC Venture Lab, which runs Tuesday mornings (9–11 a.m.) May 7 to June 18. 

The 1819 Innovation Hub building, which features a modern exterior with glass siding from ground to roof.

The 1819 Innovation Hub, located at 2900 Reading Road.

What it is:

The Venture Lab runs a 7-week “Pre-Accelerator” program to work with the UC Bearcat family to cultivate their startup opportunities.  This program is optimized for your busy schedule, and is delivered by a curated group of leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. Topics each week cover Problem Definition, Market & Competitive Landscape, Customer Discovery & Validation, Value Proposition Design, and Storytelling. The key here is if you have an idea, and aren’t sure (or are sure!) that is could be a startup, come apply to unlock the services the Venture Lab can provide to help you figure out the opportunity and potential for it. 

How to apply:

The simple application process is now officially open for the next Venture Lab Pre-Accelerator, and starts by simply completing the short form at by 5:00 p.m. EST on April 22. The cohort itself runs each Tuesday, from 9 to 11 a.m., starting May 7 and continues through Graduation Day on June 18<.

What you get:

This program is a powerful professional development experience in learning more about yourself, your idea, and what it takes to get an idea off the ground. You will get that experience, unique perspectives from our experts, and a $5,000 award upon graduation to be used to take the next step. Even more importantly, this program is the gateway to the larger pool of funding provided through a couple mechanisms from the State of Ohio.

We look forward to seeing what exciting things you are working on. At 1819 Venture Lab we have made launching your startup at UC easier and more impactful than ever. Get ready to have global resources at your finger tips. Get ready for a surprisingly powerful professional development experience that will make you more competitive in all aspects of your career.