Know Your UC Lingo

UC is home to 13 colleges, dozens of buildings, and many, many departments and offices. So it’s no surprise that new and current students sometimes get tripped up by unfamiliar terms or similar-sounding building names. To help you start strong this fall semester, the Graduate School has compiled some need-to-know lingo and names.

A&S: McMicken College of Arts and Sciences

Bearcats: The name of UC's athletic teams. The team mascot is the Bearcat. Read about the history of the Bearcat. 

Bearcat Card: Your UC student ID card can double as a debit card to be used for on-campus and off-campus purchases. Learn more here.

CAHS: College of Allied Health Sciences

CCM: College-Conservatory of Music

CEAS: College of Engineering and Applied Science

CECH: College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

CRC: the Campus Recreation Center

DAAP: College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

French buildings: Two buildings are named French. French East (sometimes called the French Building) is on the east (Medical) campus and houses most of the departments in the College of Allied Health Sciences. French Hall (also called French West) is located on the west campus across from the Jefferson Residence Hall Complex. French West houses Social Work and the main offices for Mathematical Sciences, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies and other A&S programs.

Great Hall: The large meeting room on the fourth floor of Tangeman University Center.

Lindner Hall v. Lindner Center: There are two Lindner facilities. Carl H. Lindner Hall, usually shortened to Lindner Hall, houses the College of Business. The Richard E. Lindner Center is the athletics center and the home of the University Health Services' health clinic on the west campus.

Lucy: A bearcat (also known as a binturong) from the Cincinnati Zoo and a member of the UC cheerleading squad. Lucy makes frequent appearances at UC sporting events, and she smells like hot popcorn. Learn more about Lucy and student discounts for the zoo at here

M-Number: Your student ID number.

Main Street: A corridor that stretches from University Pavilion, past Tangeman University Center, along the Steger Student Life Center and the Campus Recreation Center, ending at Sigma Sigma Commons.

One Stop: The One Stop Student Services Center. Located in University Pavilion and online. Where to go to register for classes, check financial aid status, view bills, check grades and request transcripts.

TUC: Tangeman University Center; otherwise known as the student union. TUC is home to the bookstore, a food court, a movie theater, the MainStreet ExpressMart and Catskeller (UC's on-campus pub).

University Hall v. University Pavilion: University Hall is located on east (Medical) campus and houses the central UC HR office. University Pavilion is located on west campus and houses One Stop, Financial Aid, the Career Development Center, Veteran Affairs, the Testing Center, Disabilities Services, Tutoring Services and the Office of the President.

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