Grad-Undergrad Research Connections

There is a new opportunity on campus to get involved and help undergraduate students learn more about research and the graduate education experience. All graduate students and postdocs of any discipline with research experience are invited to register with the permission of their research advisor. 

What is it? The Grad-Undergrad Research Connections program, an association between GSG and the Office of Undergraduate Research, is a new program on campus that facilitates conversations between undergraduate and graduate students about graduate-level research. It invites both undergrad and graduate students of all disciplines to sign up.

Why? Undergrad students interested in pursuing a master’s or PhD need to be informed about the vast opportunities available in graduate school, as well as what research is all about. Graduate students are to act as guides and provide first-hand accounts of their graduate school experiences. This not only helps to inform the undergrad, but acts as great practice for the graduate student’s communicative and soft skills, and deepens their professional development as an academic. Participation in this program can also increase the productivity of the grad student research group if the undergrad assists with a project related to their thesis or dissertation. It could also provide award opportunities for the graduate students. 

What the Program Asks of Grad Students and Postdocs:

Graduate Students across all disciplines are encouraged to sign up for this program.The graduate student decides how involved they will be with this project. The level of participation they choose to commit will range from the following:

  • Conversation only
  • Bring undergrad to team meeting or paper discussion
  • Train undergrad in research methods
  • Supervise the undergrad through a research project
  • Note that (2-4) require permission from the grad student’s research advisor. Those engaging in (4) will be invited to participate in mentor training provided by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

How it works:

Undergrads who attend the “Ready for Research” information sesssion organized by the Office of Undergraduate Research will be connected to 1-3 graduate students with similar interests. This connection will be initiated through email and followed by a group meeting. The degree to which the undergrad participates with the research team beyond the initial meeting is up to the research advisor and grad student.

Graduate students may end their involvement in the program whenever they wish.
If you have any questions about the program, please contact Megan Lamkin.