Registered Campus Ministries

The Campus Ministries Association is the official group of campus ministries on the University of Cincinnati campus who work together for the benefit of the faculty, staff, administrators and students. Below is a list of the registered members. For information on additional religious and cultural groups, reference the list of student organizations or local telephone directories.

Chabad Jewish Center

Rabbi Yitzi Creeger
2718 Digby Avenue, 45220 
Phone: 513-751-2288

Chi Alpha Cincinnati

Bethany Becker, campus minister
220 William Howard Taft Road
Phone: (937) 510-1015

Cincinnati Hillel

Sharon Stern, Executive Director
2615 Clifton Ave., 45220
Phone: 513-221-6728

Collegiate Ministry in Cincinnati (CMC)

Ken Dillard, Pastor
Erica Poole, Ministry Associate, Women's Ministries
2715 Clifton Ave., 45220
Phone: 513-281-6403

Concordia Campus Ministries (LCMS)

3007 Clifton Avenue, 45203
Phone: 859-802-4515

h2o UC

Matt Hilderbran, Pastor and Campus Director
UC Campus, Cincinnati, OH 45219 Email:
Phone: (513) 295-6785

LCM at the Edge House

Alice Connor, Pastor
3007 Clifton Ave., 45220
Phone: 513-307-2930

St. Monica/St. George Parish Newman Center

Sr. Leslie Keener, CDP, Campus Minister
Michael Schreiner, MDiv, Campus Minister
Phone: 513-381-6400

University Christian Church

Mandy Smith, Pastor
Anthony Jones, campus minister
245 West McMillan Ave., 45219
Phone: 513-241-2140