Special Exception: GSHI Award A for Part-Time Students

Due to the pandemic, the Graduate School is making a one-time exception to the full-time requirement for the Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI) Award. For this academic year only, we will allow part-time students to receive the GSHI Award A so long as they meet all other criteria. 

Based on demand, the award will be up to $1,652 ($826/semester).

Part-time students: The deadline to apply was Friday, November 13, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.

Award Criteria

To receive this award, you must:

1. Due to this special, one-time exception: Enroll for at least 1 (ONE) graduate credit hour in each qualifying award semester. Audited courses do not count toward this minimum. (In future academic years, the award will require full-time enrollment of at least ten graduate credit hours.) 

2. Be a Graduate Assistant (teaching, research or administrative) or Fellow, in the UC payroll system as a graduate assistant or fellow.

3. Be receiving stipend payments of a minimum $2,560 per semester through UC Payroll within the following pay dates:

Fall Semester: 09/01/20–12/29/2020 (9 pay periods)
AND (only if spring award is also desired)
Spring Semester: 01/01/21–04/27/21 (9 pay periods)

  • Payroll checks from UC for grad students with a payroll status of student worker, compensated hourly, do NOT count toward the $2,560 requirement.
  • Payment must be made from UC Payroll (refunds from the Bursar are not considered payments).
  • Co-op students paid by a company other than UC during either of these semesters (fall or spring) will not have their pay from their co-op company counted toward the $2,560 semester pay requirement.
  • Graduate students who receive a fellowship stipend directly from an outside/third-party sponsor are required to send a copy of the award letter and/or official documentation that clearly states the award period and financial terms of the fellowship (e.g., stipend amount, tuition scholarship amount, living allowance, etc.) to:   

University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210635
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0635    OR    via UC Mail to ML 0635

Each outside/third-party sponsor must be a U.S. based foundation which requires matching funds or be a U.S. based federal or state institution which supports research or teaching missions like Fulbright, Krell, etc. 

4. Maintain university student health insurance coverage throughout the qualifying award term. For more information about enrollment, contact the Student Health Insurance Office


If a student does not meet all eligibility requirements throughout the qualifying award term, then he or she will forfeit the Graduate Student Health Insurance Award for that semester. This will result in the full amount of the award being removed from the student’s UC account.

If a graduate student waives the university health insurance, he/she will not be eligible for any GSHI Award.


Please direct any questions to