Fellowship for Doctoral Students Aspiring to Academic Careers

Sponsored by the Fellows of the Graduate School and the Graduate School, this fellowship for doctoral students aspiring to academic careers will provide talented PhD students with funding and mentorship through small-group interactions with senior faculty from diverse disciplines. The goal of this program is to fully integrate Graduate Student Fellows into the academic environment and, by exposing them to the benefits, opportunities and challenges of an academic career, to prepare and energize awardees for securing tenure-track positions.

A maximum of five outstanding PhD students will be selected for the fellowships each year and become Graduate Student Fellows. These fellows will be provided $2,000 annually for up to four years. Those students who are selected as Graduate Student Fellows will partner with mentors and begin their fellowships in September.

Current Award Cycle

Please direct your questions to either steven.howe@ucmail.uc.edu or mhm@uc.edu. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on February 28, 2018, with selection in April 2018. The scholarships will begin September 1, 2018.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Applications are invited from Ph.D. students from all disciplines and departments at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Applicants must be matriculated in a Ph.D. program and must have successfully passed qualifying examinations and advanced to candidacy. 
  • Successful candidates will have a strong commitment to research and be able to show evidence of scholarly or creative achievements and potential. There must be a clear research plan (and advisor) in place, as well as a career development plan that builds on the applicant’s strengths and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • A maximum of five outstanding doctoral students will be selected to become new Graduate Student Fellows. The fellowship continues for up to four years or until the student graduates. Annual funding must be used in ways approved by the student’s mentoring committee. Future funding is contingent upon being in good academic standing and having met the goals set in previous years in the Fellows program.
  • Graduate Student Fellows will participate in events sponsored by the Fellows of the Graduate School in consultation with the Graduate School. They will also be mentored by a small team of top faculty.

Application Content

Applications must include all the following content in the order given.

  1. Completed Cover Sheet (see form below)
  2. Career Development Plan (150 words maximum)
    Applicants should describe activities to enhance their ability to secure a tenure-track academic position. Plan components might include research activities, networking, job-search skills, or other professional development activities.
  3. Proposed Use of Funds in Year 1 (150 words maximum)
    Describe how the funds would be used to support the career development plan in Year 1 (e.g., conference travel, attending career workshops, funding exhibitions, etc.). Funds should be used only for resources not funded by the student’s department.
  4. Current Research Status (1-page maximum)
    1. Research Interests (applicants are encouraged to describe their research interests in terms that can be understood by a general academic audience)
    2. Academic Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement
    3. Plan to Address Perceived Areas for Improvement
  5. Applicant Curriculum Vitae (4-page maximum)
  6. Two Letters of Recommendation 
    1. Dissertation Advisor
    2. Another person familiar with applicant’s academic capabilities and interests (e.g., other professor who has interacted with the applicant, Graduate Program Director, Department Head, etc.)

2016 Fellowship Recipients 

William Ayers, Division of Composition, Musicology, and Theory, College-Conservatory of Music
Kelly Blewett, Department of English and Comparative Literature, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
Arnold Gutierrez, Neuroscience Graduate Program, College of Medicine
Aaron May, Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine Graduate Program, College of Medicine
Anwar Mhajne, Department of Political Science, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
Amanda Powers, Department of Biological Sciences, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences