Graduate Student Expo

A Showcase of Graduate Work

Each year the Graduate School hosts the Graduate Student Expo (formerly known as the Graduate Poster Forum) to showcase graduate student research, scholarship and creative works. Typically, between 100 and 125 students from all disciplines participate in this adjudicated university-wide event.

The Creative Arts Gallery features works from talented graduate student artists. The Poster Forum showcases a wide range of research topics, from the representation of water cinema to a pontential life-saving technology for firefighters to an analysis of self-control as a function of political ideology. The Three Minute Thesis competition, held in the afternoon, challenges students to summarize their research or scholarship for a nonspecialist audience using only three minutes of speech and a single slide. 

All UC graduate students are encouraged to participate in the 2019 Graduate Student Expo. Whether you want to get discipline-specific feedback on your research before you present nationally, beef up your CV, or share your art with the UC community, the Expo is a great opportunity and it is right in your own back yard. (And it is free to register!) 

Save the Date: 2019 Graduate Student Expo

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Tangeman University Center Great Hall, 9 a.m.–1:30 p.m.